Dorsey Taking Visits and Studying Hard

He may not be the most heralded commitment for the University of Florida in the class of 2010, but there are few with as many tools for the game as Demar Dorsey. Dorsey has shown the passion to be a huge hitter as a defensive back during the season and in his week as an Under Armour All-American. He also turned in the fastest 40 time of any prospect at any combine with a blazing 4.25.

Demar Dorsey made a move this year to really improve his academics. He has buckled down and what looked bleak maybe less than a year ago, his academic status is in much better shape.

"It is going good right now," Dorsey said. "Everything is looking good (with my grades)."

His play during his senior season and into the All-American game has made Dorsey a hot commodity on the recruiting trail despite his really early commitment to the Gators.

"I have been getting a lot of attention since the all-star game. Florida State is doing it the most. Coach Eddie Gran reminds me all the time about my academics, he wants me to do what I have to do to get to the next level first. He came by my school to make sure I am doing that.

"(Gran) always tells me me how I would be in a better position to go to Florida State and play, but we really haven't gotten too far into that. He is going to come down and see me on Sunday.

Gran is new to Florida State and was on the Tennessee staff during the 2009 season up until the last regular season game. He is just one of many changes in coaching that Dorsey has seen in his recruitment and from several different schools.

"It is pretty shocking because every coach that has been recruiting me to all these schools has switched around," Dorsey said. "Coach (Vance) Bedford came by to see me from Florida last week and now he's at Louisville. Coach (Billy) Gonzales came by from LSU and he was recruiting me to Florida before. He tells me that they would use me on both sides of the ball."

"My mom thinks it is crazy too because all of the coaches that came on my home visits are at different schools."

Gran was recruiting Dorsey to Tennessee and he was still supposed to take a visit to Tennessee up through as late as Wednesday. Even though Tennessee lost most of their coaching staff, he was thinking about going there anyway. All of that changed Thursday when he made a trip to Michigan instead.

With Lane Kiffin and his departure to USC, it is only reasonable to assume that he would be trying to contact Dorsey to come take a visit on the West coast. In fact, Dorsey has gotten a call, but hasn't talked to Kiffin and company just yet.

"The USC coaches tried to call me, but I wasn't able to get to my phone," Dorsey said. "I haven't called them back."

As it stands now, he will visit Florida State on the 22nd of January for an official visit and then take his final visit to Gainesville on the weekend of the 30th.

As much as the Gators have a plan for Dorsey, they want him to get on campus before they figure out just where he will be the most suited to play during his college career.

"I am coming in on the 30th to Florida," he said. "They are telling me I will be a defensive back, and figure it out when I get there. It's probably true that it would be best I get a shot at both positions. I just want to play where the team needs me to play."

For those worried about Dorsey and his commitment to the Gators, you just need to hear that he took a big part in swaying one particular player to come to the Gators. During the All-American week, Dorsey was constantly in the ear of Under Armour game MVP Dominique Easley to announce for the Gators during the game.

"I talk to Dunkley and big Dominique Easley all the time, Dorsey said when asked if there were any Gator commitments he keeps in touch with. "I was one of the reasons he committed to the University of Florida.

The game ended up being a three hour infomercial on the greatness of the University of Florida. Dorsey and the rest of the Gators really bonded during the week and like the group that has formed as the Gator 2010 recruiting class.

"It was great," Dorsey said about the week in Orlando. "Everyone was saying how we all liked all the players we had and knows about the talent and all of that."

The track star that runs a 10.3 in the 100 meters, says he can't even imagine what a school would have to do to change his mind on being a Gator.

"That is what I really don't know," he said. "It would be really hard to change my commitment."

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