Johnson Gets the Behind the Scenes Tour

Malcolm Johnson committed to Mississippi State back during the summer. He has told all interested parties since that time that the party was already over. Johnson got the chance to see the MSU campus in a new light this weekend as he was one of 16 official visitors on campus.

Malcolm Johnson profile

"My host was Johnthan Banks. I was with O'Neil Wilder, but I ended up with Banks," said Johnson. "In the end the whole team was together.

"I hung out a lot with Chad Bumphis, K.J. Wright, Banks and everybody had nicknames. It was tough to keep up. I needed a roster or something to keep it straight."

Malcolm spent a large portion of his time trying to persuade the non committed to join the Bulldogs' fold.

"I spent a lot of time with Barry (Brunetti), Rajion (Neal), Carlos (Thompson) and Jameon (Lewis).

"Barry said he really liked it in Starkville. He said it's going to go down to signing day. I was working on him the whole trip. I wasn't putting a lot of pressure on him, but I think he's really thinking hard about Mississippi State."

One of Barry's biggest fans enlisted Johnson's help in recruiting her son to Starkville.

"Barry's mama saw me at breakfast and asked me if I decided to go to Mississippi State because it was close to home," said Malcolm. "I told her I did and she said 'Please talk to my son and tell him to go to Mississippi State'."

The Tuscaloosa native reports it was difficult to pinpoint one highlight.

"Everything about the trip was great," said Johnson. "All of the school stuff was interesting. The basketball game was a great game. They were losing by like 12 and they came back to win.

"We came in during the 12 minute timeout and they gave us a standing ovation. That was special."

While Malcolm has spent a lot of time in Starkville, he got to see another side of the city and campus.

"This was my first time to see the facilities and I was really impressed," explained Johnson. "I really liked the academic center. It's kind of overwhelming. We had dinner at the stadium and that was really good.

"I didn't know Starkville and Mississippi State was big as it was. I thought it was a lot smaller. About all I had seen was the stadium and that McDonald's on the interstate. It's a great place and I am excited about going there."

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