Goggins Sees Opportunity

Norwalk, Calif., product Deon Goggins isn't ready to make a verbal commitment yet, however he did visit Syracuse this weekend and after talking to him on Monday afternoon it sounds like the defensive lineman was very impressed with his official visit.

Cerritos College defensive tackle Deon Goggins visited Syracuse this past weekend to see what opportunities would lie ahead for him if he picked the Orange and the 6-foot-2, 285-pound junior college player saw plenty of them.

"Everything went good and I really liked the history of the school," Goggins said. "The coaches are great, they have a solid fan base and they have one of the best communications schools in the nation. A guy on the plane actually saw me and asked me if I was Todd (Chandler) or Deon and I thought that was crazy right there that some random person knew what two defensive tackles were visiting that weekend."

"I got to talk to Coach (Doug) Marrone, Coach (Jimmy) Brumbaugh and Coach (Scott) Shafer while I was there and they were all really good people," Goggins explained. "I loved talked to Coach Shafer because he's a hard-nosed guy who loves the sport and is really passionate about everything he does. My relationships with the coaches I'm going to play for means everything with me and it was good to get to spend time with them."

"The other things I liked were that they were real straight-up with me and at the same time, didn't pressure me to commit at all," Goggins added. "I see the program going in the right direction and you can definitely see that they're very confident that it will be too. They have a family atmosphere up there and it wasn't just with the coaches, but it was the professors and alumni too. I haven't seen that kind of bond between everyone at the school at other places and liked it."

"I also got to go down and talk to the two strength and conditioning coaches and they were like a lion and its cub. Both were very hard-nosed guys that mean business and I love the weight room. I'm a gym rat, so I loved talking to them about what they do and learned some new things from them. Then while you're sitting there you see Heisman trophies, pictures of Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Rob Moore and Dwight Freeney and it just blows you away a bit. I even got to talk to Rob Moore while I was there who played in the league and Coach Marrone coached and played in the league too, so you know those guys know what they're talking about."

Goggins was certainly impressed with the coaches at Syracuse, but he was there for business as well and talked a lot about what the university would have to offer him.

"I just know that if I went to Syracuse I would better myself not only on the football field, but as a person as well in becoming a better man for the future," Goggins mentioned. "There are a ton of academic opportunities there for someone like me and I'd love to be able to take advantage of them if I go there."

Goggins also has no problem moving to the east coast for a few years.

"I'm a California guy, but I feel like I can adapt to anything, so coming from here to the east coast would be nothing. I really liked it out there a lot."

Finally, we asked when he thinks he'll be making his decision and how Syracuse did overall.

"I don't have a specific time frame, but it shouldn't be any longer than the end of February," Goggins stated. "It's a life-changing decision, so I really have to evaluate every school and every visit I take going forward and take time out to think about it thoroughly. I'm thankful to every school and feel blessed that they take their time to talk to and recruit me. Syracuse definitely did a great job helping themselves out on the visit, that's for sure."

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