Muniz Talks About Official

Archie Muniz agreed to officially visit Mississippi State just so he would have something to compare Utah too. After taking the weekend excursion to Starkville things are not as settled as they once appeared to be with the talented offensive lineman.

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"My host was Kendrick Cook," said Muniz. "He's a good guy. He showed me around and showed me a good time. He introduced me to a lot of the players."

The Houston, Texas standout reports that he has a tough time picking a favorite part of the weekend.

"I liked the whole visit," said Archie. "My favorite part was eating dinner at the stadium and watching the highlights on the jumbotron. They said only Texas has a bigger one. I really liked that a lot."

During the tour of the facilities, Muniz find the Templeton Center to be one of the most appealing stops on campus.

"The new academic center is huge," said Archie. "I love the doors. It's like they were built for basketball players. You walk in and they have a statue of a Bulldog in there and everything is really nice."

The visit to Mississippi State appears to have exceeded Archie's expectations for the weekend.

"I always knew Mississippi State was a nice school, but I didn't think I was going to like it so much," said Muniz. "I am still going to have to think about things and talk with my family before I make a decision."

A day after Archie return from Starkville, Utah had some coaches come to Texas to check in on their commitment.

"Utah came in yesterday and they just sort of chilled with me and my family," said Muniz. "They are talking to my brother about walking on up there, so they went over that whole process with my parents."

With signing day just over two weeks away, Archie still has some things to consider before putting pen to paper and making his final selection official.

"I am not sure when I will have a decision," said Muniz. "I am still committed to Utah. I need to sit down with my family and talk about everything. I know I'll know what I am going to do before signing day."

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