Burrows Meets Grantham

ATHENS – The quick trip to Georgia paid off for Brandon Burrows.

Burrows, who has been committed to Georgia for months, was not able to meet new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham until he drove up for the day Saturday.

"It was awesome," Burrows said. "I got to meat Coach Grantham, and I think highly of him. He broke down the defense. He was telling me all of the different packages I would play in."

Burrows sat out his senior season of football, but said in a recent interview that he may be fully cleared for football in the coming weeks. Burrows is one of many players the Bulldogs have committed to them who will see a slight change of position because of Grantham's 3-4.

"He said that I could play any of the linebacker positions, and he talked about what you could do at those spots. He talked about the blitzing and how difficult that is for the quarterbacks," Burrows said.

Grantham's hire clearly has recruits eager to get to Athens, and Burrows counts himself as one of them. Grantham went in depth with Burrows in a one-on-one film session where he showed the Cobb County star how his defense worked in Dallas.

"He showed me some tape from the Cowboys' practice footage and games and just sort of some of the techniques they used," Burrows said.

The rest of the day was highlighted with a trip to the basketball game to witness Georgia's stomping of Tennessee. Burrows was there on time for tip off, but had to struggle to get to his seat, he said, because fans were so interested to try to talk with him and Warner Robbins' Jeffrey Whitaker, who went to the game with him.

"It was new to me," Burrows admitted. "The fans at the game were trying to talking to us. It was hard to get to our seats. A lot of the fans were trying to convince Jeff to come to Georgia."

That remains to be seen. But one thing that is clear is Burrows' excitement about the future at Georgia.

"We are all so close," Burrows said. "You would expect to see some superstars, but that's not the case at all. Everyone gets along so well with one another."

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