Scout's Take: Ace Sanders

What is South Carolina getting in Ace Sanders? South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons breaks down the new Gamecock here in this edition of Scout's Take.

Profile: Ace Sanders

Location: Bradenton, Fla.
High School: Manatee
Position: Wide Receiver
Class: 2010
Height: 5-foot-7
Weight: 160 pounds

Scouting Report

First of all, Sanders is a steal for South Carolina. He may be a small wide receiver, but he is a play-maker and he will make big plays in the SEC before all is said and done.

He is a versatile athlete that can and likely will be used in many different ways. He can play receiver, he can return kicks and/or punts on special teams, and it would be a surprise if he was used in a Wildcat package at some point.

One of his biggest strengths is his quickness. He is not a burner down the field per se, but he is very quick out of his cuts, he changes directions without losing a step, and his first step puts him past more defensive backs.

With that speed, he makes plays when in space. He can bounce side to side, find a crease and hit it fast. He will be a guy that will likely be used in the slot and will likely get touches on end arounds, bubble screens, and things of that nature.

He has fairly good hands, but can still improve the consistency a little more there. Catching the ball when alone is not an issue, but he has to keep the concentration level up when catching the ball in traffic. He makes some acrobatic catches and has made catches in tough coverage before, but he has also dropped some in that same setting.

Overall, Sanders is just a player. He may not fit the measurements all schools want at wide receiver, but if he gets his touches consistently in each game, then he is going to produces some plays and have a chance to change games. He is very well put together physically, so he is strong, but still could have problems one on one with a physical corner lined up over him. He will be put in the slot and moved around by South Carolina to find the perfect match up for his ability, so expect to see him as the inside guy in Columbia.

Not many schools in the SEC targeted Sanders, but many of them may regret that decision in a few years after facing him a few times and seeing what he does on the next level.

Recruiting Notes

South Carolina defeated West Virginia and South Florida for Sanders' commitment on Thursday. This one was very interesting from the beginning because the offers did not flow in like expected. USF was a school everyone was watching and many felt Sanders would end up there, but the change over in coaches had an affect there. West Virginia made a strong run in recent weeks as well, but the consistent school in this was South Carolina and he called Steve Spurrier, Jr. Thursday morning was the huge news for the Gamecock Nation.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at

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