Redmond Talks Junior Day Plans

Nick Redmond committed to Mississippi State a few months back and the talented offensive tackle reports he is more excited about the Bulldogs now than he was back then. This past weekend, Redmond did not attend the Bulldogs' first junior day event, but fans should not be concerned about the level of his commitment.

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Saturday Nick toured the Ole Miss campus as part of their junior day event. It will not be the last meet and greet excursion the big man takes.

"Ole Miss' junior day yesterday was my first one and I am going to Alabama for their junior day," said Redmond. "I'll be going to the next junior day at Mississippi State."

With offers from Mississippi State and Ole Miss, Redmond has seen interest from other schools increase despite his commitment to Mississippi State.

"I am getting a lot of letters. Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Stanford, Illinois, Stanford and a few more schools are writing me," said "Alabama's probably writing the most of those schools by far. They send a lot of game recaps and stats on the schools."

By committing early, Nick feels relieved to have a lot of the drama of the recruiting process behind him. At the same time he still wants to enjoy some of what the process has to offer.

"I haven't been to many schools before, so I am just taking some trips," said Redmond. "I just want to be sure I have made the best decision for myself. I am still committed to Mississippi State and I gave them my word. It would take an awful lot to make me go back on my word.

"When I was at Ole Miss the coaches told me they wanted me real bad, but it's not going to change anything."

Nick reports his focus is on Harrison Central football and their search for a new head coach.

"They said they are going to announce who the new coach is going this week, but they have been saying that for a month," said Redmond. "It would be nice to know now, so we can have some organization to everything. We all just want to know who it is, so we can get ready for spring practice."

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