Intro: Blake Logan

Blake Logan, class of 2013 punter/kicker/linebacker from Muscle Shoals, Ala., has an early top eight schools. He is also a baseball prospect who will attend camps for both sports this summer.

Blake Logan, 5-foot-11, 170-pounds took time for a Q&A session.

Shea Lowery: Who are your favorite college teams?
Blake Logan: "Clemson, Texas, Stanford, Ole Miss, Vandy, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi State."

SL: Are you planning on attending any summer camps?
BL: "Yes- kicking and baseball camps."

SL: What do you like most about football:
BL: "Atmosphere and intensity."

SL: How long have you been playing football?
BL: "Six years."

SL: What are some things you are doing right now to help you prepare for the upcoming 2010 season?
BL: "Lifting and running four days a week in morning before school."

SL: How has your high school football coach influenced your life?
BL: "Taught me you are capable of doing more that you think."

SL: How do you motivate yourself for games?
BL: "Visualize and listen to music."

SL: What would you say to a player just starting out playing football?
BL: "Give it all you've got and have fun."

SL: Define Team:
BL: "Group of people working together for same purpose."

SL: Define Victory:
BL: "Reaching the goal that you have set."

SL: What is your greatest memory thus far in high school football?
BL: "Making it to the 2nd round of 5A playoffs."

SL: Biggest rival?
BL: "Russellville."

SL: What actions do you take to prepare yourself to become the very best on-and-off the field?
BL: "Hard work and studying."

SL: A true champion is:
BL: "Somebody who has class while winning or losing."

SL: What do you do for fun?
BL: "Hunt and play baseball."

SL: Favorite Food?
BL: "Steak and lobster."

SL: Favorite Movie:
BL: "Rudy."

SL: What is your greatest goal?
BL: "Play major D1 ball - maybe get drafted."

SL: How has your dad influenced your life?
BL: "He has taught me that being a great person is better that being a great player."

SL: Your dad played at Mississippi State as a place kicker. What are some things he has taught you from his college playing days which has helped you become a better athlete?
BL: "Hard work and looking like a professional."

SL: What is the greatest thing your mom ever taught you?
BL: "Do the right thing no matter what."

SL: How do you want to be remembered?
BL: "That I gave it everything I had."

SL: How important is Character? BL: "It's the most important- it is who you are when no one is watching."

SL: Who has had the greatest influence on your life thus far?
BL: "My dad."

Shea Lowery is the Director of Quinn's Ranch Children's Home.
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