Scouting Report: 'Team Alabama'

Several of the state's top recruits are participating in the Badger Sports/New Level Athletics 7-on-7 tournament which is held next month. has produced a team for the second consecutive year which practiced for the first time together this past Saturday.

Several of the players from Saturday's practice were singled out for their performance.

Brent Calloway: "Calloway was a great looking physical specimen. He was decent in pass coverage and could have been a lot better if he had not tweaked his hamstring at the beginning. He has good speed and room to grow. He definitely looks the part of an outside linebacker."

Jonathan Rose: "Rose is a very nice young man and very respectful. He will probably play cornerback, but could play safety. He is tall, lanky and has long arms. He has good speed and coverage skills, but needs to work on his jamming ability and being more physical. He needs to add more weight."

Denzel Bynum: "He is a great looking shut down corner. He showed the best coverage skills of anyone at the camp. He stayed right with Danny Woodson, Jr. and Marvin Shinn all day. He shows great acceleration, speed and quickness. He was one of the top performers. He demonstrated a great vertical. He was very impressive."

Alonzo Harris: "Harris is a good looking athlete. He needs to put on some weight to fill out. He looked to be every bit of 6-foot-1. He looked more like a free safety or wide receiver than a running back."

Anthony Swain: "Swain is a huge safety prospect who moves pretty well. He looks like a total linebacker, but has gained some weight since an injury. Overall he is an impressive kid."

Marvin Shinn: "Shinn is a very long strider. He demonstrated extremely soft hands. He didn't drop a pass all day. He needs to work on his route running. He made up for his route running and footwork with athleticism and skill. He has a big, tall frame and long arms. He had the best hands of the group. He has a huge upside."

Danny Woodson, Jr.: "He showed his skill level goes with the hype around his recruitment. His body type is more like Julio Jones, and I thought his speed burst was extremely quick. After he caught the ball Danny was at full speed and played fast the entire day. He looked like a hard worker and did not take any plays off. He showed good hands as well. He can still add weight and improve his route running. Overall another very impressive player."

*Player note: Gadsden City wide receiver Darryl Collins missed Saturday's practice session, but will join the next practice and participate in the Badger Sports/New Level Athletics 7-on-7 tournament held next month.

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