Jenkins' Trip Hard to Put in Words

ATHENS – Jordan Jenkins was flat stunned by Georgia.

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The sophomore from Harris County admits that he didn't know much about the Bulldogs or their program, and that probably lead him to having Georgia lower on his list. But that changed today in a big way.

"It felt pretty comfortable up there at Georgia," he said. "They certainly moved up on my list on them from what I thought of them before. I didn't know much about Georgia, but that changed today."

Jordan Jenkins grew up in Washington state, and has only been in the Peach State for the last four years. So his base of knowledge about football in the South is a little limited compared to some other prospects. He said he didn't expect to be blown away by Georgia, but admitted that he was.

"I was shocked by all of it really," he said. "It was a lot more than I thought it would be. I knew Georgia was good, but now that I came up here it changed my outlook on them. Bama and Georgia, they are a lot in some way, but different in others. I felt like I got to talk with the coaches more at Alabama, but Georgia… it is almost – I can't find the words to describe it."

That's good news for Georgia, a program looking for 3-4 defense body types the likes of which Jenkins is.

"Coach Grantham said that I was almost as big as some guys there. I would be a pretty good outside linebacker," he said. "I've seen a little of the 3-4, but not too much of it. It was not all that confusing. I think I understand it."

Jenkins was impressed by the Dawgs' practice at Sanford Stadium, and the coaches leading the way in the drills.

"I got to see how the practices were run," he said. "They certainly were hitting a lot. Georgia does it pretty much the way that we do it at Harris County."

But Jenkins didn't leave with an offer from the Bulldogs in hand. Still, that's not abnormal considering that Jenkins is a sophomore.

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