Carter Discusses Buckeye Commitment

Cleveland JFK's Chris Carter committed to Ohio State last Monday, the first of five commitments in a two-day period for the Buckeyes. Carter, recruited as an offensive lineman, received his offer in February, and his decision to pledge to Ohio State seemed inevitable, from day one. Bill Greene talked to Carter and filed this report.

When Ohio State received a commitment from Cleveland JFK lineman Chris Carter, nobody had any idea that decision would be the first of five commitments the Buckeyes would land in a two-day period.

The commitment of Carter, an offensive lineman, seemed to get lost in the shuffle of four future teammates making decisions so quickly, but this player should not be overlooked.

"Ohio State was always the best choice for me, and I never wavered on that, but I just wanted to be sure," Carter said of his decision to commit to Ohio State. "They have a great academic support system, the best coaching staff, and they are at the top of the football world. For me, it was a very easy choice, really."

Carter admitted the relationships he has formed with the Ohio State coaching staff played a big part in his decision.

"I was recruited by (assistant coach) Taver Johnson, and he and I have a great relationship," he stated. "I like him, but I also understand our relationship will be that of a coach to an athlete, not as buddies. The same with (offensive line) Coach (Jim) Bollman. There will come times where he will have to get on me, and he and I get along great, so I'm prepared for that."

"Coach Bollman was the first person from Ohio State I talked to, when I decided to commit," he continued. "When I went to Ohio State's bowl practices, and I watched him work with the offensive linemen, I could see why people consider him the best in the business, as a line coach. I have a good feeling about his coaching style, and I think he can help me get better as an offensive guard."

Carter has also given thought to what he wants to study at Ohio State, as he has already has a future career in mind.

"I definitely want to go into IT (information technology), a I might minor in computer science," Carter said. "I wasn't so serious about my academic career as freshman, but it sure means a lot to me now. I will go all the way through my senior year, even though I have enough credits to graduate early. I think that's just a special time of my life, so I won't be graduating early."

Carter, 6-foot-4, 320-pounds, has worked hard on his conditioning over the past year, in keeping his weight down. He also credits track and field with helping him stay in shape.

"Right now, I am 6-foot-4, and I weight 320-pounds, and that is accurate," he explained. "I've seen people list me at 340-pounds, but that's not correct. During track season, I might be a lot less than 320-pounds. I think my weight is really good for me, and it's more a question of adding muscle, while decreasing fat, but staying at the same weight."

Even though he officially committed to Ohio State last Monday, Carter has known he was a Buckeye for a while.

"I always knew I wanted to go to Ohio State, but I wanted to take my time in announcing," he said. "There's no special reason for announcing now, other than it's the right time to do it. I wanted to do it in person, so being there meant a lot to me."

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