Malcolm Faciane leaves OM Jr. Day with offer

The 6' 6", 263-pound out of Picayune (MS) brought his family with him to Junior Day at Ole Miss Saturday. They left Oxford with a good taste in their mouth. To learn why, read below.

"Ole Miss is just a really/really nice area," added Malcolm Faciane. "It was everything I was hoping it was going to be like."

The 2009 All-Coast selection started hearing from the Rebels in February and things grew from there.

"Back in February is the first time I called them. That is when they told me that they wanted me to come to Junior Day and from there on I have been talking to Coach (Terry) Price."

One day at football practice (my head) coach told me that Coach Price wanted to talk to me so I called after conditioning, and we started talking from there."

This was the first trip for the Maciane family to view the Ole Miss campus. What were Malcolm's parents first impression of the University of Mississippi?

"My parents liked the fact that Coach Nutt told us that their players go to church and hold weekly bible study meetings. That made an impression with my parents. I come from a strong christian household."

What did Malcolm want to learn about Ole Miss since he had never visited the campus before?

"What I really want to see in any college is how close together they are. Do they communicate at practice and have a close environment? I learned that they act like a family. They eat together, hang out at night together, and they go to church together. That really stood out to me because like I said, I come from a christian environment, and I want to stay in one."

What stood out the most above all else during the Ole Miss trip?

"I like the competitive atmosphere they have on the field because that is how we complete at Picayune. They compete everyday and so do we."

Was the University of Mississippi about what he was expecting it to be like, better, or worse?

"It was kind of what I was expecting because I have some friends who go to school there, and they have been telling me how nice it is up there. I saw their campus and it is really nice, really nice. They showed us the Fed Ex academic center and it was amazing. Their practice facilities are also amazing. The Manning room was pretty impressive too. I do not know. It is like they told me, just really/really nice."

It is hard for anyone to see everything on a campus in a five hour slot so what would Malcolm like to check out the next time he comes back to Ole Miss?

"I want to see their weight room. They did not show us their dorms either, but what I did see from the outside I liked them."

The Rebels opened their spring practice yesterday in front of the recruits and Malcolm stuck around the tight end group.

"I just mostly watched their tight ends. I watched the routes they were running. They run a lot of drag routes so I went home and worked on it too."

Right before the recruits were about to go home coach Nutt called the family into his office.

Malcolm Faciane
"He told me that I have a great body, and when he watched my film, he knew he had to have somebody like me. He told me and my mom and dad that I had a scholarship offer, and he wanted me to come back to their senior camp this summer and come back for an official visit after my (senior) season is over. He just basically let us know how important I am to his program."

Where does Ole Miss now stand?

"Ole Miss was in my top three before I even came up here. It will be a hard choice for me come signing day. That will be a hard pick. Alabama and LSU are also up there with Ole Miss. I have gotten to know their staffs pretty good outside of LSU. I have not talked to any of the coaches at LSU yet, but Alabama and LSU were like my two favorite teams growing up. Then Ole Miss came into play. I started liking Ole Miss when I was 13 (years old). Now I have scholarships from two of them. I am really excited about that. It is really like a dream come true. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would have scholarship offers from Alabama and Ole Miss, I wouldn't have believed it. God has blessed me and my family in so many ways."

Which campuses has Malcolm visited this spring?

"I have been to Alabama and USM's and now Ole Miss. Right now I am waiting for another invitation to come in. I am still wide open."

Faciane entered his junior season as a 6' 4", 225 pound tight end but hit a growth spurt. Now he stands 6' 6", 262.

"Yea, I guess I have gotten bigger (laugh). My junior year I only weighed 225 and then I started lifting and exercising hard. I hit a little growth spurt at the same time, and I just kind of blew up, but they say that muscle weighs more. I am a lot stronger. I know that."

Picayune has a run based offense which has limited Faciane's stats, but that is not going to stop him from progressing on the field.

"They threw it at me 11 times last year and I caught 7 of them for 149 yards and 1 TD. It was a 35 yard touchdown against Biloxi. I can catch the ball really good, but we do not do a lot of passing. I talked to coach, and he told me that they are going to design a lot more plays to me next year, but right now I am more of a blocking tight end than anything else. But when they do throw it my way, I am going to catch it (laugh)."

There are plenty of good blocking tight ends but not many 6' 6", 263-pounders who can run a 4.6 forty.

"That is what I ran a the Nike Combine. I ran a 4.61 forty. That is when Alabama offered me (laugh). I am trying to get that down in the 4.5 to 4.4 range. I have always been the fastest guy my size. God just blessed me."

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