Insiders Take Patrick Coyne

When looking at Patrick Coyne you'll see there is a lot to like. looks at the good and bad of Coyne in this session of Insiders Take.

Congratulations to Patrick Coyne for being the first member of the Class of 2011 for University of Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones. But why is Jones and his staff extremely happy with this commitment? Because Coyne is a hometown kid who has leadership abilities.

What To Like:

The biggest thing that sets Patrick Coyne apart from other quarterbacks being recruited or even on the roster is his arm strength. Over the years I've seen a lot of good quarterbacks who lack the arm strength to play at the next level, Coyne is not one of them as he's got a cannon sitting on his shoulder. Just a year ago, Coyne attended the Combine in Cincinnati and as a sophomore who never had started a game at the varsity level was by far the top quarterback and strongest arm. Receivers wanted him to throw to them and when you hear the singing of the ball in the air you know there is some velocity on it. Watching him this past season you found a player still learning the game but doing it with leadership and guts. He learned a lot from his junior season and while he helped his team reach the playoffs, came away disappointed in the final results. Coyne is not a soft quarterback, he's a linebacker/safety type of player who just happens to really understand the quarterback position and have the skills to play at a high level. While Coyne could see a move to another position if he doesn't win the quarterback battle, I don't really feel it will be an issue. Coyne not only has a strong arm he also can run the ball and make things happen.

What to Worry About:

In my opinion there are two areas of concern when looking at Patrick Coyne. The first is the strength of his arm. Coyne is still learning to adjust his throws depending upon the routes and is still fine tuning his short game. At times he forgets a receiver may only be five yards away and throws the ball like they are twenty yards away. This should adjust itself in time as Coyne gets more of a feel for his arm. The other area is the intensity Coyne goes after the game itself. A constant weight room junkie, Coyne is learning he needs to have some outside interest other than the game. Both areas are concerns at this time but are also common in players with high leadership abilities and drives to achieve at the highest level. Coyne settles for nothing but perfection and while this is a good trait to have, it can also eat at a player so they never reach their full potential. I feel Patrick has a grip on this now and should continue to grow as a player during his senior year.

Overall Outlook:

In Butch Jones new offensive attack Patrick Coyne is the ideal quarterback prospect. Capable of running and throwing makes Coyne a player who can excel in the Bearcats offensive attack. Tough and stubborn much like Ben Mauk was during his football career, Coyne is capable of making things happen when the ball is in his hands. With an early commitment, Patrick Coyne will become the leader of the Bearcats Class of 2011. It will be his responsibility to help build the class around him to help the Bearcats stay fighting for the top of the Big East. Being a local product will also allow him to visit UC many times to learn more about the offensive scheme prior to becoming a Bearcat. This will help his overall development and give him a chance to compete at an early stage of his college career.

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