Frederick Moore brings upside to the table

Frederick Moore entered his junior season as a 6' 2", 245 pound defensive end but hit a huge growth spurt. To learn more about the Heidelberg two way lineman, read below.

"Right now it is hard for me to predict where Fred(erick) will play on the next level because he is still growing," added Heidelberg head coach Gene Harmon. "He came in last spring at 6' 2", 245 and now he is up to 6' 5", 285. He is in a growth spurt and is steadily growing. It was not like it happened all at once. He has grown an inch in just the last month alone. I guess Fred is a late bloomer, so to speak. I project him to be 6' 6", 315 before he leaves here."

The Heilderberg coach expands on Frederick Moore.

"I really see him as an offensive tackle. Right now his best position is defensive end. He played guard for us the last two years, but he is going to play offensive tackle for us next season. He will still go both ways."

What type of player is Frederick?

Frederick Moore

"He is a mean son of a gun. That is the best way I would describe him. He plays with an attitude. His best asset is run blocking. Fred is still a work in progress in the pass program. He has played guard up until this season, but we are going to catch him up and with another year in the camps, he will turn into a left tackle. He is left handed and has real long arms. Fred has really good footwork too. He has been playing under the radar, but by the end of the season, he will become one of the more highly recruited players in the state. People are now just learning about him. If you see him, you will know it is not a bad looking 285 either. He is well put together."

Which colleges are recruiting Moore?

"MSU, Ole Miss, USM, and UAB are talking to him. Kentucky called him the other day. Coach Tuner used to be at MSU so he knows about Frederick. He remembered him from the camp last summer. A lot of people are going to look at him at their camps this summer, and when they do, he will probably become one of the more sought after linemen in the state. The kid has all of the tools. Fred is what I call an upside kid. The sky is the limit for that kid."

Moore and his teammate, Zachary Jackson, took in practices at Ole Miss and MSU last week. How did that go?

"Well, right now Ole Miss has him hooked. Out of all of the places he has been, which is MSU, Ole Miss, and USM, Ole Miss is his number one choice right now."

Why Ole Miss?

"Their facilities and he loves Coach (Tyrone) Nix. "I think he is talking to their defensive line coach right now too, but he loves Coach Nix. He just likes the tradition at Ole Miss, and like I said, he is in love with their facilities up there. Those facilities and Coach Nix are the big draws for Frederick."

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