The Top Juniors in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Talent from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas were at the University of Alabama over the weekend to compete in the Badger Sport/New Level Athletics 7on7 Tournament. Scout breaks down some of the top 2011 performers here.

Scout spent the weekend at UA to see prospects from nine different states and we break some of the top performers from this event down right here.

The Top Juniors in Tuscaloosa
Rory Anderson – TE – Powder Springs, Ga.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Anderson got open in the flats, down the middle of the field, and deep in the corners all weekend. He is the ideal tight end for an event like this because he is long, he is quick, and he is more of a receiver than a blocker at his position. He really caught the ball well away from his body, he made good adjustments on the ball throughout the event, and he knew how to get open. He still needs to add a good bit of weight, but he will be a tight end that will flex out on the next level. Blocking is not his forte, but receiving is and he did a great job at that on Saturday and Sunday.
Jared Boyd – CB – Stone Mountain, Ga.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Boyd played in a talented Georgia secondary and he showed why he was invited to play in this event. He talked it up a lot with opposing wide receivers, but he backed that talk up the majority of the time. He played very good press coverage and showed he could run with most of the top wideouts there. He had some nice break-ups as well. He competes with the best of them and although he is on the smaller side at corner, he played bigger than he looked for Georgia.
Odell Beckham – WR/CB – New Orleans, La.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Beckham was arguably the top performer at this event. He was either locking wide receivers down when playing cornerback or making big plays against corners when lining up at wideout. He showed very good hands and the ability to big plays after the catch on offense and he really changed directions well when on the defensive side of the ball. His heart is really at wide receiver and he could make plays there on the next level, but because of his length, he may be a bigger impact player at corner in college. Beckham is only a three star prospect on Scout at this time, but he made a very strong case for that fourth star against good competition over the weekend .
Devin Bowman – CB – Rossville, Ga.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Bowman has not played a lot of corner on the high school level, but that did not show over the two days he competed in Alabama. He has spent most of his high school career at running back, but that agility he has shown at that position in the past transitioned nicely to the defensive side of the ball in this event. He played cornerback and a little running back for Alabama 2, and he was impressive. He showed very good feet, he read the quarterbacks well, and closed on the ball nicely. He really needs to work on using his hands more and he needs to improve his strength, but this Georgia commitment showed a lot of tools they will have to work with in the secondary at UA.
Chelarvez Brown – RB – Winona, Miss.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Running backs are not always used a lot in 7on7 tournaments, but Brown was and he made the most of it. He helped lead Mississippi to the championship game on Sunday and he then caught three touchdown passes in that game with the final one winning the game as time expired. He was a go-to guy all weekend and he not only caught balls out in the flats and underneath, but he got down field as well. He showed very soft hands, he made nice adjustments on passes, and he caught the ball well in traffic. Brown only has one offer at this time, but that should change in the not so distant future.
Cameron Clear – TE – Memphis, Tenn.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: This junior out of Central High School was one of the most impressive prospects to the eye out of the 150 plus at the University of Alabama. His frame looks more like he will play with his hand down than one that catches passes at tight end on the next level. His lower body looks like on that plays in the NFL right now and he has a good bit of room to grow in the upper body. He is currently 6-foot-6 and 260 pounds and he showed nice hands, he ran better routes than expected, and he moved very well. He would like to play tight end in college and he only claims offers from (Duke, Memphis, and Tennessee), but expect both to change – look for him to end up one the offensive or defensive line and for his offer list to grow rapidly as schools see him during the evaluation period.
Chris Davis – WR – Powder Springs, Ga.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Davis has been a regular at camps and combines that Scout has attended in 2010 and each time he has performed at a high level. He is thin and he needs to add weight and strength, but he is so quick that it is hard for defensive backs to get their hands on him. He is very slippery, he has very quick feet, and nobody could stay with him across the middle. He was the go-to guy for Georgia and he would get a lot of positive yards after his many catches underneath. He has to be bumped off his route if schools want to slow him down and if he can add weight, then he would be better against that. He is a prospect that should see his recruitment make a move for the positive in the coming months.
Eric Ebron – TE – Greensboro, N.C.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Ebron really looked the part physically over the weekend and he had a lot of those on the outside observing the games wondering who he was. He is such an athlete for a guy his size (6-4.5/216) and he lined up most of the time at wide receiver for North Carolina. He looks like a defensive end but played safety on defense. He is committed to the Tar Heels and he could play a number of positions there due to his size, frame, and athleticism. Last year was his first year playing football so he is still raw, but he showed a lot of natural athleticism over the weekend.
Collin Jarbo – TE – Gadsden, Ala.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Jarbo was automatic inside the Alabama indoor practice facility on Saturday and Sunday. Everything within reach was hauled in by Jarbo and he showed wide receiver like hands while playing tight end. He still needs to work on his speed and quickness off the ball, but he really founds ways to get open and give his quarterbacks windows to throw the ball two in this event. He is long, he made very good adjustments on balls thrown behind him, and his hands were very sticky out there. Jarbo has a couple of offers now, but he should pick up quite a few more as coaches see him this spring.
Chris Jones – CB – Adamsville, Ala.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Jones played in the same secondary as guys like Bowman, Jacquese Kirk, and Jonathan Rose, so he had a lot of quality defensive backs around him, but he may have made the most plays. He got his hands on quite a few balls, he picked off a handful of passes, and he really defended bigger receivers well. Rose is an impressive 6-foot-2 with long arms and Jones is only 5-foot-10, but he made great breaks on the ball and he really showed good footwork. His ball skills is one of his biggest strengths at corner as well.
Eric MacLain – TE – Fayetteville, N.C.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: If MacLain is playing for your team, then you would want him leading the players off the bus. He just has that football look and he plays with a lot of intensity to go with that 6-foot-4, 245 pound body of his. He has dropped almost 30 pounds since last year to get himself into tight end shape and he played very well this past weekend. He is more athletic than many are at his size, he has great coordination, and he showed strong hands. There is no doubt that MacLain can play tight end and be effective on the next level, but he may have a better shot at going farther by putting his hand down. He has had to work hard to shed the weight, so with his long legs, broad shoulders, and frame, he may grow out of effective tight end size down the road. No matter what he plays later on, this Clemson commitment was one of the top overall prospects at this event.
Donte Moncrief – WR/S – Raleigh, Miss.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Moncrief was a big part of Mississippi's success in this tournament and he made a big impact on both sides of the ball. Some consider him a safety on the next level while others think he could end up at wide receiver, but some of his top plays were made at corner in this event. He was very physical, he knocked a lot of receivers off their routes within the first five yards, and he was impossible to get a jump ball against as well. At receiver, he used his size (6-3/205) to his advantage and just overpowered most defensive backs. He got good separation as well. He is more quick than fast, but showed great fluidity, and very good football instincts. He was one of the top two overall performers between the two days.
Ty Montgomery – WR – Dallas, Tx.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Montgomery never came off the field for the team out of Texas and he showed very good hips when running his routes, he closed on the ball well when manning the secondary at safety, and he showed a lot of leadership on both sides of the ball as well. The Texas athlete has committed to Stanford and he will likely play wide receiver for the Cardinal, but if that doesn't work out, he could easily slide over to the defense and play safety. He can still work on catching the ball with consistency away from his body and positioning himself a little better to catch the ball in traffic, but he had a very good showing in Tuscaloosa.
Chandler Rogers – QB – Brookhaven, Miss.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Rogers did not really do anything that wowed anyone, but he did all the things it took from his position to lead his team to the championship in this event. Rogers really found a nice rhythm on Sunday when it counted most and he threw with great accuracy. He threw nice short, intermediate, and deep routes throughout the day where once loss meant the end of the day. He threw a nice spiral and make good reads too. His arm strength really needs to improve, he needs to use his legs more when throwing the ball, and his delivery is on the slower side right now, but his timing was excellent and he made every throw he needed to make in this event.
T.J. Thorpe – WR – Durham, N.C.
Tuscaloosa Performance Notes: Thorpe played on a very talented team and the quarterbacks had a number of guys to throw to on the team out of North Carolina, but when given the opportunity, Thorpe made plays. What stood out the most about him at wideout was his ability to get off the ball quickly. He showed a nice first step and he got past the defensive backs consistently when they tried to press him at the line of scrimmage. He caught deep balls down the field and he showed he could go across the middle as well. He is not a burner, but he is quick enough and while he needs to get stronger and work on his route running, this North Carolina commitment had one of the top performances for receivers in Tuscaloosa.

Other rising seniors who performed well: Nile Daniel (WR/Ga.), Casey Freeman (CB/Fla.), Broderick Hall (QB/Ala.), Alonzo Harris (RB/Ala.), Ronnie Harris (CB/Ga.), Jabari Hunt-Days (LB/Ga.), Michael Johnson (QB/Tenn.), Daren Kitchen (CB/La.), Vad Lee (QB/N.C.), Kadetrix Marcus (S/Ga.), Corey Moore (S/Ga.), Jonathan Rose (CB/Ala.), Jalen Simmons (RB/N.C.), Keivondre Watford (WR/Ala.), and Jermaine Whitehead (CB/Miss.).

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at
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