Chris Conley was best in Rome

ROME, Ga. – Chris Conley had nothing to prove, but he decided to compete at the MVP Camp over the weekend and he did not disappoint. He had high school coaches in awe and at the end of the day, he was named top performer of the camp.

Chris Conley checked in at 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds and he was hot right out of the gates.

The event was held at Darlington's athletic complex and the prospects were timed on grass inside the Darlington football stadium. Conley wore number 32 in the camp, the same number he wears in football, so he was in lane one running the 40 yard dash running with the other lower numbers.

He looked good getting stretched out and then he ran a 4.48 in the 40 yard dash. He slipped coming off the line the first time, so he started a little slower the second time, but still turned in one of the fastest times of the event.

Conley is such a smooth athlete with long strides and he is just explosive. That is what is different about Conley now than a year ago. He still has to show this explosiveness in pads later on this fall, but it is easy to see that he is more explosive, quicker, faster, and more confident now than this time in 2009.

After turning in a very impressive time in the 40 yard dash, he dominated the defensive backs that the coaches threw in front of him during the two on two and one on one sessions.

He was outstanding off the ball and some talented cornerbackers could not get a hand on him. He typically got off the ball untouched, he then separated himself from the defenders quickly, and did whatever needed to be done to make the play in the end.

Conley really showed he is a definite top 15 player in Georgia and he may be close to a top 10 guy at this time. He is coachable, he works hard, and he is one of the best at his position in the South.

When Scout asked Conley about his performance, he said, "I haven't had the cleats on in a long time, so it is just nice to put them back on and get out here to compete."

He doesn't start spring practice until May 17 and he has spend spending more time in the gym than on the football field the last few months, but he showed no signs of rust.

Conley was awarded the Top 2011 Performer and top wide receiver at the second leg of the 2010 MVP Camp tour and this University of Georgia commitment solidified his four-star rating and likely moved himself up in the wide receiver rankings and state of Georgia rankings with this performance.

He was the only prospect to take home multiple awards in Rome.

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