Rome MVP Camp: Best by Position

ROME, Ga. – Here is a quick breakdown of some of the top performers at the Rome MVP Camp. Scout goes position by position listing who was the best of the best.

Top Five QBs

1. Chad Voytik: This 2012 QB was named top overall quarterback at this event. He through with great consistency throughout the day, he showed excellent touch on the deep ball, and his accuracy stood out as much as anything else.
2. Tony Daniel: This was his best showing. He was on target throughout the day.
3. Mike Wegzyn: He showed a quick delivery despite the long arms.
4. Brad Butler: Only a freshman, but one of the top performances in Rome.
5. Josh Moore: This sophomore threw a beautiful ball with a smooth release.

Top Three Running Backs

1. Kenyan Drake: He is emerging on some radars, but he should be on a lot more at this time. He is only a sophomore, but with his burst of speed, ability to cut, size, and hands, he should become a top recruit in the near future. He was named the top running back in Rome.
2. Charles Purnell: This 2012 back has great feet, he showed very good lateral movement, and he runs low to the ground.
3. Dustin Christian: This rising senior is a smooth runner with very soft hands out of the backfield.

Top Three WRs

1. Chris Conley: This Georgia commitment was named the overall top 2011 performer at the Rome Camp and he was named top wide receiver as well. He showed very good explosion off the ball and he really showed he was on another level than most there.
2. Jerrod Cooper: He did nothing flashy, but this smaller wideout ran good routes and got open all day.
3. Carnell Boyd: He needs to work on getting better separation, but he has sticky hands and was called out as one of the best of the best at this position.

Top Two Tight Ends

1. Kennard Backman: He is bigger now physically than he was in the fall and he plays bigger and more confident as well. He needs to work on route running, but him having no scholarship offers is a huge surprise.
2. Adam Ledford: This is only a freshman and he was one of the best looking prospects at this event. He has the frame to grow into a lineman down the road and with his feet, he could become an elite recruit.

Top Three Offensive Linemen

1. David Andrews: He had nothing to prove being already committed to Georgia, but he came out and competed for a few hours in Rome. He walked away with the top OL award and he was helping other guys while being dominant in the trenches.
2. Joe Harris: This is a sophomore who has a chance to be one of the best in Georgia next year. He showed a great base, good knee bend, and the ability to move on the edge.
3. Synjen Herren: He doesn't have ideal size, but he is a tough OL with good feet and a nice initial punch.

Top Three Defensive Linemen

1. Grady Jarrett: Another dominant performance out of Jarrett in this event. Every event he goes to he wins an award and he is much better than the one offer on his list right now. He gets off the ball very quickly, he plays low, and he is very strong. He walked away with the top DL award in Rome.
2. Jordan Jenkins: He goes by "The Freak" and that is a good nickname for this sophomore. He is very explosive off the ball and he got to the quarterback untouched at times. He won the top underclassman award.
3. Henry McClendon: This 2012 defensive end came down to North Georgia from Tennessee and he showed a good burst off the ball and a nice rip move as well.

Top Three Linebackers

1. Amarlo Herrera: When there is an event going on where Herrera can compete, he will be there. He is committed to UGA and the Bulldog coaches have to love that about him. He looked better than ever in coverage at this event and ran away with the top linebacker award.
2. Cedrick Cooper: Not too many look like Cooper on the hoof and he is a very physical linebacker who can get down hill quickly.
3. Dallis Joiner: This linebacker is not going to wow too many people, but he is solid in all phases of the game. He reads and reacts well and he plays faster than expected.

Top Three Cornerbacks

1. Trevus Edwards: This was an unknown sophomore out of Fayetteville (GA) coming into this event but he walked away as the top corner in Rome. He reacted to the ball quickly and played bigger than he was.
2. D.J. White: This is another 2012 corner and he is very smooth. The things that stood out most about White was how he always wanted to compete and his smooth back peddle.
3. Shaquille Wiggins: This one is only a freshman and he has e very bright future ahead of him. He reads receivers well, he closes on the ball with good speed, and he is a true competitor.

Top Two Safeties

1. Daron Blaylock: He finished number two in final votes for the top defensive back award and he had a very good event in Rome. He broke on the ball well and he showed good coverage skills for a bigger DB that is more of a safety.
2. Justin Gregory: Gregory showed that he likes to play aggressive football and he was not scared to step up an cover top wide receivers at this event.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at

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