TE Hamilton Scheduling Rutgers Trip

Strongsville (Ohio) High tight end Ray Hamilton has family ties to Rutgers, but more importantly, a genuine interest in the Scarlet Knights. He is in the process of scheduling a trip to see the campus and meet the coaching staff, but while that is transpiring, he is also researching the school. Hamilton talks about why he terms his interest in Rutgers as "very serious," plus much more.

Three-star Strongsville (Ohio) High tight end Ray Hamilton has offers from nearly every Big Ten program, schools from coast-to-coast and the Big 12.

In the next few weeks he hopes to whittle the list to a manageable amount, and one school that figures to make the cut is Rutgers.

Hamilton's grandfather (Jack Daut) and uncle (John Daut) were athletes at Rutgers, and he continues to feel the desire to visit the campus and get to know the program on a much deeper level.

"Very serious,'' Hamilton said in categorizing his Rutgers interest. "I was actually with my uncle the other week, and the football part of it aside, he was just telling me where he was in his career, and how well his education did for him.''

The 6-foot-5, 230-pound Hamilton will visit North Carolina this weekend, and he is in the process of scheduling June visits to Rutgers and Florida State, providing the schedules of his parents, himself and the coaching staffs fit together.

"Rutgers football can speak for itself on the field,'' Hamilton said. "Just look at what they're doing, and the young talent they've got there, so that's very attractive as a recruit, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

"The young quarterback (Tom Savage) they've got, the young stud receiver (Mohamed Sanu) …there's a lot, a lot of pluses. It's definitely a look, and definitely a strong one.''

Rutgers, which is one of many schools to visit Strongsville High this spring, is not the only school on Hamilton's mind, though. Growing up in the Cleveland, Hamilton saw first-hand former Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis' ability, which is why he is visiting North Carolina, Davis' current employer.

"I like the way that program is headed, I like the coaching staff,'' Hamilton said. "I know how good of a college coach coach Davis is, and he's had good tight ends wherever he's been. His tight ends at Miami were a who's-who list of tight ends.

"I think that relates to the offensive coordinator he picks for his offense, and down the staff. And the school aspect of it, their business school is excellent. That's also intriguing.''

Hamilton caught 22 passes for 280 yards despite playing in only six games as a junior. The right knee injury limited Hamilton's production, but it hasn't scared off recruiters.

"Hopefully, as these coming weeks of school wind down, so will my list,'' Hamilton said. "I'm in the process of doing it right now, laying the routine out, and getting that short list down. That's the goal for these next weeks. I'm not sure of the number. I'd love to see it dwindle down, but it's hard.''

While Hamilton is not publicly saying which schools could be making the cut, schools should be getting an idea about whether they remain involved in his recruitment.

"I'm just enjoying it as much as I can, and being honest with coaches and not playing mind games with anybody,'' Hamilton said. "If I do have a genuine interest in their school, I'll let them know. If I don't, I'm going to let them know that, too. That's the hard part about the process.

"You meet a lot of good people, a lot of relationships you build, and at the end of the day, you can only say yes to one person.''

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