Hayes Reveals Two of His Top Schools

Justice Hayes from Grand Blanc High School (Grand Blanc, Mich.) has had a busy spring so recruiting had to be put on the backburner. As soon as school and track season ends, his attention will be directed back to recruiting so he can start formulating plans for the summer.

Notre Dame hosted several top prospects for the Blue-Gold Game in April, and Justice Hayes (5-foot-10, 182-pounds) was on the guest list. Unfortunately for Notre Dame, Hayes had a track meet and couldn't attend. With his track season about to come to an end, he's looking at making a visit to Notre Dame.

"As soon as I'm done with my track season," Hayes responded when asked when he'd visit Notre Dame. "I've been in contact with coach Hinton at least two or three times a week and he dropped by the school this spring. They want me to come down and visit as soon as I can."

Hayes is in the process of narrowing his schools down, so that he can focus on a core group of schools and take multiple visits over the summer.

"This summer I want to go out and visit all the schools that I'm interested in and get a chance to get a feel for the," Hayes said. "This summer I plan on cutting it down to four schools. I‘m going to visit them at least two or three times each, before I make my decision. I want to cut my list down to four before my season. "

Just about every school has something to offer and with so many college options, Hayes is finding it difficult to decide which schools to keep and which schools to eliminate.

""Notre Dame is definitely in that top-four and Michigan State will definitely be there as well," he explained. "To be honest, I probably don't know if I have the other two yet. I'll try to get the last two before my season."

"Actually when you get to cutting it down to your last schools is when it gets real hard, because you have to be real picky about your selection. You really have to look at things closely. It's hard and can get very frustrating. You can see yourself at all those colleges and you have to make that decision based on your gut. It's definitely not an easy process. "

Originally Hayes had wanted to announce his college decision during his senior season, but he's starting to reconsider the timing of his decision.

"I feel it wouldn't be fair to my teammates to be thinking about recruiting during my season," he said. "So I think I'm going to decide sometime after my season. I want to focus on my senior season and go from there."

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