One Down, One to Go

Notre Dame would like to land a quarterback by the end of the month and they're hoping Bubba Starling is the guy. The standout quarterback from Gardner Edgerton High School (Gardner, Kan.) recently visited Notre Dame and will take one more visit before he makes his decision.

A lot of Notre Dame fans wished for Bubba Starling (6-foot-5, 200-pounds) to end his recruitment last weekend during his third unofficial visit to Notre Dame, but that didn't happen.

"As far as recruiting, I'm at two now, Notre Dame and Nebraska," Starling said. "I went up to Notre Dame last weekend. It was a good visit. Everything went well, but I still want to see Nebraska again and see what everything is like there.

"I'll be up at Nebraska the 18th, 19th and 20th. We have a summer baseball tournament up there and I'll get a chance to talk to the coaches then. I've only seen Nebraska one time and I want to talk to them more. I just felt like the last time that I went up to Nebraska that they weren't up for me playing both sports. I want to talk to the coaches about that again, because they said that they have a good plan for me to do it."

While this will be his second visit to Nebraska, Bubba has already seen Notre Dame three times. His second visit to South Bend was during Notre Dame's spring practice.

"I got to see coach Kelly's spread offense and that really fits me," Starling explained. "I got to see (Kelly) in action and he was really intense. He moves his practices really fast. Everything is up-pace. As far as audibles and learning the system, I think that's going to be tough, but that's what a red-shirt is for.

"I thought practice was kind of crazy. They really don't get much time to rest. It's up and moving. You do one drill and then you're on to the next thing. If you mess up, he's on you. He's real intense. I think coach Kelly has a different kind of intensity. When he gets on you, he'll follow it up with a little humor, and that's what I like.

"I like that intensity though," he said. "If I screw up or do something wrong, and he gets on me a little extra, that will definitely make me want to do better next time and I'll work my tail off. "

The main concern for Notre Dame in signing Starling is that he is expected to be taken in next June's Major League Baseball draft. Depending on how high he is drafted, Bubba could choose the professional baseball route, which would leave the Irish without a quarterback for the 2011 class. Many have speculated that Notre Dame will take another quarterback as insurance in case Bubba does choose baseball.

"They said that they're only taking one quarterback and they do know that there's a chance for the MLB draft," Starling said. "But they're not looking toward that and they're motivating me not to do that. If there's money involved there's a chance that I might take that route, but they're willing to put all their interest in me and make this work out."

Conference realignment has been a huge story the past week. If the reports of Nebraska leaving the Big 12 for the Big 10, are true, it's a move that could ultimately hurt their chances of landing Starling.

"It kind of concerns me a little bit that they're going to the Big 10," Bubba said. "I would have liked to see Nebraska stay in the Big 12, because there are a lot of schools that they play that are a lot closer to home, like Kansas, Kansas State and the rest. I guess that I'm a little frustrated about that, because would be a lot closer if they stayed in the big 12.

"As far as Notre Dame, it really doesn't concern me, because it's Notre Dame. They play a lot of different teams from different conferences. It really doesn't matter too much."

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