A Change at the Top?

One of the top athletes in the state of Wisconsin, Kenosha Bradford running back Melvin Gordon has been favoring the Iowa Hawkeyes for several months. But after all the events that have occurred the past two weeks, does Gordon still have one top school?

MADISON - For the longest time, the University of Iowa was Melvin Gordon's number one school, as everything about the Hawkeyes fit Gordon's style like a glove. In two weeks, things certainly have changed.

While Gordon still likes Iowa, the sales pitch given to him by the Wisconsin coaching staff Monday and the recruitment by Michigan State have Gordon favoring all three schools heading into the summer months.

"I like Iowa but with what Wisconsin's head coach explained and our good conversation, they are right up there now, too," Gordon told Badger Nation Tuesday. "I am feeling Wisconsin because they are that home school, so all three of those schools I like."

Gordon was prepared to participate in Wisconsin's first high school summer camp, but injuries to his back and a sprained groin turned him into a spectator, coming up with his family instead to support teammates Vontae Jackson (2012 running back) and his cousin, Dontae.

"I probably would have thought about competing and showing my coaches what I had," Gordon said. "My groin is almost 100 percent, but I still wanted to take a couple days off before I go to the National Underclassmen Combine on June 27. I wanted to get out there (yesterday) though."

Despite not participating, Gordon and his family did garner quite a bit of attention from Head Coach Bret Bielema and running back coach John Settle on their visit, an impact that improved UW's stock.

"The coaches were talking to me quite a bit, trying to build that relationship with me and told me that they were there to answer any questions I had," Gordon said. "They made me feel good, just wanting to check up on me. They had a big talk with my parents, and were real nice."

Originally being recruited by the Badgers as a defensive back, Wisconsin switched its offer to a running back during the spring. After a lengthy discussion Monday, Gordon is convinced that if he picks Wisconsin, that's the position he'll stay at.

"They told me that they want me as a running back (and) they said they aren't going to move me unless I want to be move," Gordon said. "(Coach Bielema) said that's where I am going to be."

The coaching staff also pointed out that with Kenosha being a short drive to Madison, his family, friends and fans would have an easy commute to come see him play every home game.

"I've got a lot of fans around and have built such a reputation in the state that a lot of people want to come out and see my play," said Gordon, who finished his junior season with 1,060 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns, earning honorable mention All-State honors. "I am feeling Wisconsin and they want me as a back, which makes me feel good."

Gordon also feels good about the attention his good friend and teammate, Trae Waynes, has received over the past several weeks. A speedy defensive back hitting the camp circuit, Waynes has picked up offers from Bowling Green, Iowa State and Michigan State.

"He's one of my best friends and we are real close," Gordon said of Waynes. "Just knowing I have a chance to go to the same college as him is great. If we have any of the same offers (MSU), we could both be there together and rely on each other. He's real talented, and I am proud of him for doing his thing, running 4.3 40s at every camp he's been to so far.

"It makes Michigan State even higher on my list because I can go to school with one of my best friends."

With coaches limited in their contact with high school seniors, Gordon has taken the opportunity to strengthen his legs after a grueling track season.

"Our coach has got us running hills that will help us with our flexibility and our power," Gordon said. "I am trying to do anything I can do, I can find or talk to anyone that can help me get more power in my legs. I am really trying to hit my legs hard to build some confidence when I hit the field next year."

Gordon's next goal is to see a couple more schools and take some more visits, including a trip to East Lansing on July 12.

"It's going to be a real hard decision," Gordon said."

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