Brassell Takes in SEC Camps

Nickolas Brassell burst on to the scene two seasons ago as South Panola's deep threat. With more experience and seasoning, Brassell has proven himself to be one of the elite players in his home state and beyond. With offers from coast to coast, Nickolas has a lot of thinking to do. He recently attended three SEC camps to help him sort through the selection process.

Nickolas Brassell profile

"I have been to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Alabama," said Brassell. "I am planning on going to Tennessee and probably UCLA."

The Tide got to bat lead off and it appears they made a very positive impression on Nickolas.

"Alabama was great," said Brassell. "We worked hard there and I met a lot of good athletes. I worked with the receivers and the DBs. The stuff they teach their players they were showing us. A lot of that I already had down pat, but it was new to some of the players.

"Coach Saban and all of the coaches were talking with me. They were telling me they could use me at receiver or DB. They said it's all up to me. They say I have a chance to be a great player at either position."

Brassell made the short drive from Batesville to Oxford for his second camping stop.

"We had fun at Ole Miss," said Nickolas. "All of the top wide recievers were there. We all pretty much shut that camp down. We all have a good realtionship now.

"I talked a lot with the coaches. They said they would even put me in the Wildcat some times."

Last week, Brassell stopped over in Starkville to check in on the Bulldogs.

"I went to Mississippi State last week. We didn't work out because we got there late," explained Nickolas. "We just talked to the coaches and watched everything.

"Coach Mullen said they were coming to get me. He said he wanted me to get away from home. They are great coaches up there. They have a young team with a lot of talent. I think the next few years they are going to be pretty good."

Nickolas has plenty of people willing to offer advice. He has former teammates who have played at all three of the schools he recently visited, so he has some inside information about each program.

The talented wideout reports that he is taking mental notes about each program, but in the end his future will be based on a family decision.

"The main thing I do is talk with my mom," said Brassell. "It's my decision, but I listen to my mom. She is going to help me make my decision. I am open to all schools right now.

"I listen to what everybody has to say and to everybody's advice, but I am looking for the best place for me."

Nickolas says he is enjoying the recruiting process, but that his primary focus is now shifting towards defending the 6A state crown.

"I am a hard worker and I am just working hard to help my team win," said Brassell. "Right now I am mainly thinking about South Panola football.

"I am going to wait until after the season and take my visits before I make a decision."

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