Daniels is a big 2012 OL

A school in South Georgia has never had a Division I recruit, but they do now. They actually have three and one of them is a 6-foot-6, 360 pound offensive tackle in the 2012 class. Get the scoop on him right here.

Lanier County started playing football in 1997 and they have not had a Division I signee yet. They will likely have one in 2011 and two in 2012 though.

The biggest one is Jeremy Daniels, a 2012 offensive tackle and he is already 6-foot-6 and 360 pounds. He towers over his parents and he said not one of his family members is close to his size.

"My mom is really short, she is 5-foot-4, and my dad is 5-foot-11, so I am the biggest one in my family," Daniels said. "I have a couple of uncles that are 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-2, but nobody in my family is close to 6-foot-6 right now. I'm not sure how I go this big, but I am happy about it because it helps me in football."

Size definitely helps on the offensive line. Top schools on the next level want big bodies up front and Daniels has that, but he has more than that to offer.

"I have really improved my footwork a lot and I am a strong run blocker too. I think run blocking is my biggest strength right now. I still have a lot of room to improve too though. I am trying to make my feet a little quicker, I am going to drop a little weight, and replace it with muscle this summer. I can really improve my strength and I working on that."

Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia are some of the schools that made their way through Lakeland (GA) Lanier County during the evaluation period and seeing coaches top programs wasn't expected.

Daniels moves well.
"It was a big surprise to start getting attention from college coaches in the spring. It was kind of shocking to us down here and it was a little overwhelming too. We are a very small school down in South Georgia, so I didn't think anyone would know about us. It feels great though."

One fan base has shown their colors down in this small town and their mascot is actually the same one as Lanier County High School's.

"It is all about Georgia down here," said the rising junior. "They absolutely have the most fans down here and you hear and see Georgia all the time. There is no question that there are a lot of Georgia Bulldog fans in Lakeland."

The Dawgs are a school Daniels is high on early too.

"I went to their camp earlier this month and it was great. I like the coaches. I have watched them on T.V., I really liked Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford before they left, and they are the home state school. I would like to get up there to see a game sometime this fall."

Another school he has kept up with over the years is Florida State. He likes what he has seen in the Seminoles.

"They have always had a high-powered offense and they are a lot of fun to watch. I have been watching them like I have Georgia, so I know some things about them too."

The recruiting process is just starting for this 2012 offensive tackle and it is off to a good start so far. He is ready to become a top recruit and he knows he has to work hard to get there.

"It has been a good experience and I want to be the top offensive lineman in Georgia two years from now. That is a goal of mine and I have to do a lot to be that guy. I am ready to get better and I am looking forward to being recruited."

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