DE Drew Starting To Look At Michigan

The Peach State star defensive end is one of the most sought after in the country, including by the Maize and Blue. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the youngster to gauge his feelings on Michigan, his friendship with another U-M recruit, and if Michigan is actually a player in his recruitment.

Ray Drew is a 6'5" 250 pound man child at defensive end for his Thomas County Central (GA) team. Holding offers from all of college footballs movers and shakers, including Michigan,'s no. 6 rated defensive end took the Maize and Blue to heart.

"I actually got my offer from Michigan a few months back," Drew told GoBlueWolverine. "I was talking to a Coach Hitt (U-M grad assistant) on Facebook a while back and he was telling me they had film on me and they really liked me and were going to extend an offer. I just recently got the official offer not too long ago. But it's Michigan. They play in the Big House. You can't just bump them off."

While he is from the South, word of Michigan's storied history has reached the ears of Drew, and has caught some of his attention.

"From what I know they have the most wins in NCAA history, they have quite a few Heisman winners, they are known for producing great players. As far as their education goes, that carries a long way. They have 11 or 12 national championships and they're in the Big Ten and have been in the bowls for who knows how long."

While the initial contact has remained somewhat limited between the Wolverines and Drew, that is soon to change.

"Yes sir, I will. I'm supposed to be getting in touch with Coach Tall who I believe is the defensive line coach, and I need to talk him."

With talking to Coach Dan Hott so far and getting the initial feeling for the Wolverines, an unlikely source, a fellow Michigan prospect from the Peach State, is starting to sell the Maize and Blue.

"Yes sir, because I'm talking to a couple players that are being recruited by Michigan, like Avery Walls. I've had a chance to befriend him. We've been talking about them and he's been talking about how Michigan is a place I need to check out, and maybe set up an official with him so we can get up there at the same time. We're good friends now and we talk on the phone. He's trying to recruit me there I guess (laughing)."

Walls apparently has very strong feelings for the Wolverines, and Drew can certainly see that and it gives the Maize and Blue another card to play.

"He just told me he really liked it a lot and he told me it's down to… Wait, I can't say that (laughing). He really likes Michigan, I'll put it that way, he really likes Michigan. It's a place he'd like me to get up and see and give a chance to. If he went there he wouldn't mind me being a teammate up there with him."

Should Walls become a Wolverine, it'would certainly have an impact on Drew.

"Yes sir, because one thing you have to look at going into this is seeing the type of people you'd be surrounded with. With me knowing Avery pretty well, that's got to be a plus because I know I'd be around good people."

But for now, the next thing on Drew's list is getting in touch with the Wolverines and starting to build a much more solid relationship with those in charge in Ann Arbor.

"I talked to Coach Hott not too long ago, I was actually messaging him on Facebook yesterday I believe, and I'm supposed to be calling Coach Tall real soon. Whenever I do that, I'll probably talk with him about all of that."

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