Driskel Making a Statement

It isn't that being the No. 6 quarterback in the entire country is something to scoff at, but the Scout.com ranking for Oveido Hagerty quarterback Jeff Driskel has really been scrutinized by Florida Gator fans that have watched "experts" from everywhere grade him even higher.

With Scout.com and FOXSports on hand to watch Driskel at the Elite 11 competition in California, his extremely high ranking may deserve a boost after all.

I am never one to criticize rankings of a player and honestly this isn't a criticism. We all have our own separate opinions of what we see and if 20 people watched a group of 10 prospects at the same position run through the same drills in a week, all 20 would have some different ranking of the ten prospects. It is just the way these things work.

Gator fans can hardly scoff at Scout.com rankings overall after finishing with the undisputed nation's best class in 2010 and that was before adding five-star linebacker Chris Martin on Wednesday that would have just added to the Gators domination of the 2010 class rankings.

This is about one individual in Jeff Driskel who for the last three days has been the most impressive quarterback in the Elite 11 competition out in California. At least, that is the opinion of Scott Kennedy, Scout.com's Director of Scouting. Kennedy gave his opinion of the quarterbacks in the competition (http://recruiting.scout.com/2/985396.html) that included two prospects ranked ahead of Driskel in Teddy Bridgewater and Kiehl Frazier.

A camp setting like this is just one way to judge a prospect; game film is huge in the eyes of coaches and scouts. That said, with the competition at quarterback as good as it gets, Driskel performed at a very high level in front of Scout.com and FOXSports folks.

"He's got the size; he's got the howitzer right arm," Scott Kennedy said when mentioning Driskel as the quarterback in the competition with the most upside. Kennedy named Driskel the runner-up in the 'Most Improved' category as well. "He kept getting better and better every day."

Evidently, when it came to arm strength and the ability to make all the throws, Driskel had no peers at the camp.

"The only decision easier than accuracy was best arm," Kennedy said. "There was Driskel, then there was everyone else

Gator fans will like the last category. The Gators have had a decent run of top caliber quarterbacks that actually start at Florida. Dating back to Chris Leak who was highly regarded, and on to Tim Tebow, and now John Brantley who received all kinds of national awards in high school and is expected to take the reins and run this year for the Gators. They won BCS titles with Leak and Tebow at the helm and Brantley will have a lot of tools around him to do the same.

Driskel will have some equal tools to work...with all the recruiting that Urban Meyer and staff have done lately. Titles are talked about all the time in Gainesville these days, almost expected and it is because of prospects like Driskel.

"It's hard to go against the guy who takes the overall MVP award and is headed to a school with more rings than anyone over the last six years," Kennedy said when mentioning the quarterback most likely to win a BCS title.

In the end Kennedy named Driskel the overall MVP of the Elite 11, a kills competition between quarterbacks unparalleled in high school football. I suspect there might be a change in his ranking as the sixth best quarterback in the country. Again, that is nothing to scoff at and very highly rated, but if not changed, the Gators and Meyer still know they have a special talent coming in at quarterback.
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