Press Release: Chesapeake Bowl

This year will be the first of many to come where the North and South will slug it out in the Baltimore Metro Area as Extra Point Productions has announced they will be hosting the Chesapeake Bowl, a game held on December 30th that will carry some of the East Coast's most elite high school talent.

Extra Point Productions is proud to announce the inaugural Chesapeake Bowl, a senior only all-star football game with players from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to compete against players from Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. The game will have a North team vs. a South team. The game will be held on Thursday, December 30th. The game location will be in Baltimore, Maryland. There are many quality football players in these areas that do not have the opportunity to play in a game like we plan to provide.

Extra Point Productions has been a partner with the Maryland Crab Bowl, an all-star game of Maryland players only, and the creator of the I-95 Kickoff Classic, which is a series of games consisting of the best private high school teams from the Baltimore area and the best private high school teams from the Washington D.C. area. Our goal with the Chesapeake Bowl is to provide its players and coaches with a unique experience for the high school level. Players and Coaches will be hosted over a four day period with activities and practices leading up to the game to provide a true "bowl" like atmosphere. The practices and game itself will also provide the players an additional opportunity to showcase their skills in an effort to impress college coaches and help their recruiting process. Activities will include team bonding and spending time giving back to the community.

The head coaches for the 2010 game are Terry Smith (Gateway: Monroeville, PA) and Biff Poggi (Gilman: Baltimore, MD). The rest of coaching staffs for the Chesapeake Bowl will be selected by the Chesapeake Bowl Committee based on many factors including professionalism, success, peer reference and geography. Players will be selected by the Chesapeake Bowl Committee and the selected game coaches based on ability, character, on-field success, and geography. In addition, the Chesapeake Bowl Committee will have a "invite" only evaluation and training camp where players will have the opportunity to earn roster spots on their respective Chesapeake Bowl team. Not only will we provide the best training camp experience through instruction, organization and exposure, but the Chesapeake Bowl Committee, the game coaches and other qualified personnel will be on hand to evaluate the players directly. This is to create an additional evaluation of the prospective players and to benefit the players that may be under the radar, in a remote location or other circumstances that hinder an otherwise deserving player. The Chesapeake Bowl Evaluation and Training Camp will be held on Sunday, August 1st.

Members of our evaluation committee will be's own Matt Alkire as well as some ex-NFL players and other coaches and talent evaluators.

The Chesapeake Bowl will be unique from its selection process for both coaches and players to the activities provided for its participants to the geographical region that will compete against each other. It will be the only game of its kind.

If you feel that you are one that shares our passion and commitment and would like to learn more about this historic event please contact us or visit our website

On Wednesday July 28, we announce the remaining coaching staff for the game.

The pool of talent for the training camp represents scholarship offers to almost ever BCS school east of the Mississippi and many west of it.

We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns you may have and are excited about the great relationships that we will build moving forward.

Kindest Regards,

Sean O'Connor The Chesapeake Bowl Committee has gotten an advanced peak at the invitation list of the North and South team and Stanford commitment Kevin Reihner will be trying out and should make the team. Paul Gaughan and Terrell Chestnut are two players with a plethora of FBS offers that cannot make the tryouts due to prior visit commitments that have already given their commitment to play for the North Squad.

Schools like Penn State, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Maryland, Florida, Notre Dame, Rutgers and many others should be well represented at the event when the final rosters are set, however seeing that blank name tryouts will be held we're sure that a number of hard-working prospects with no offers will be making their way into the prestigious event as well.

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