Scouting GK: Southwest Offense

Gridiron Kings is a national 7on7 tournament that brought 64 of the nation's top skill position players to Orlando this past weekend. Scout was there for all the action and so lets take a closer look at the Southwest offense.

The Players:
QB: Michael Brewer
RB's: Herschel Sims and Darrian Miller
WR's: Miles Onyegbule, Jaxon Shipley, and Ja'Juan Story
TE: Cameron Clear

Top Performer:
Shipley. There wasn't a better route-runner at the entire event and he was able to get open and make plays from the beginning of the event until the end. He has a great natural feel for getting open and finding holes in opposing secondaries. When they played against the Southeast team, he was the only one able to consistently find ways to get open. He looks a lot like the receiver we saw at the University of Texas over the last few seasons. Shipley's game should translate well and he looks like a kid who could play right away at the college level.

Top Prospect:
Sims. One of the most productive running backs at this event, Sims looked good enough to play in the slot as well. He looked like a tremendous athlete who ran really well and competed every time out. He's very explosive and looks like the type of running back who can hit a lot of home runs. I didn't watch him run the ball but his size, athleticism, and the way he competes leads me to believe that his five-star ranking is accurate.

Other Notes:
Brewer was OK. He was off and on and if it weren't for Shipley getting open so much, his numbers may have been down even more. He throws well on the run and does it a lot. Miller looked very athletic catching balls but he's not the talent Sims is. Onyegbule has ideal size and catches a lot of balls but had trouble creating separation against faster corners. Story has the size you look for but was pretty much a non-factor on this team and was clearly the least productive of all the offensive players of this group. Clear was a last minute replacement for Chris Barnett and looked more like a future offensive lineman than anything else.

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