Tressel Denies Allegations Against Players

Ohio State head coach has spoken out in support of two of his players rumored to have been arrested Sunday morning. Get the latest on what Jim Tressel had to say about Nathan Williams (pictured) and Storm Klein as keeps you updated from Chicago.

CHICAGO – Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel denied a news report that two of his players had been accused of misdemeanor assault following an incident Sunday morning.

Columbus TV station NBC4 reported Monday morning that a source told the station linebacker Storm Klein and defensive end Nathan Williams had been charged after an incident at an off-campus party. The report was pulled from the station's website a few hours later, and while speaking at the Big Ten Football Media Days Tressel said that was the right move.

Asked what he knew about the situation, Tressel said, "The only thing I know is they probably should have retracted it because it was not accurate. Outside of that I really don't (know)."

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to Riverside Methodist Hospital on Sunday at 4:17 a.m. A 20-year-old man identified as Patrick Nester gave a statement that he had fallen asleep at his birthday party around 2:30 a.m. and awoke to find two men harassing his girlfriend. When he intervened, the two men turned on him and knocked him to the ground, punching him. He suffered a cut under his right eye that required stitches.

The two men are not identified in the report, but NBC4 indentified them as Williams and Klein. Tressel said he first heard of the report Monday morning via text message and said he was surprised.

"I saw our guys last night as they came back from break and they were coming in to work out," he said. "I asked about it and it was not what was reported, but we'll move on. That happens."

Monday afternoon, NBC published a correction on its website saying it regretted the error.

Williams is expected to be a starter at defensive end this season. He pled guilty to a reduced shoplifting charge during his freshman season and paid a fine of $150. Klein recorded 10 tackles as a true freshman playing primarily on special teams.

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