Florida corner names leader

Paris Taylor is a standout corner from Lake Brantley High and Scout caught up with him for the latest.

Paris Taylor talked about a couple visits he took this summer.

"I went to South Alabama and Louisiana Lafayette. It went really well, the coaches said they liked me and that they will be keeping an eye on me this coming year. I worked on my position and did some drills like quick feet drills, and rapid fire. One on ones are my specialty, I got beat a couple times, but I made more good plays than bad plays. They weren't bad plays, more like I got to greedy."

Taylor, 60feet and 175 pounds, likes both of those schools a lot.

"Louisiana Lafayette, I like the coaching, they break it down and make it to where I can understand it. South Alabama-the coach taught us how to be physical at the line. I also have interest in Georgia Tech, Middle Tennessee, Coastal Carolina, and FAU."

One school jumps out above the rest.

"Louisiana Lafayette," he said when asked for a leader. "They offer my major and they are a pretty good football team. One of the DB's there said NFL scouts come there for DB's."

Taylor, who has no offers yet, talked about his goals for this coming season.

"To go to state and have a great football season. Step up as a leader and raise my GPA up this year."

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