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ATLANTA – High School football in Georgia officially kicked off this weekend and Scout saw eight teams compete at the Corky Kell Classic on Saturday. A lot of prospects shined and you can learn about them here in this report.

After watching Westlake and Creekside play Saturday morning, I headed over to the Georgia Dome for the Corky Kell Classic. I will have more on the Westlake-Creekside stars later this week, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the top prospects I saw in the Dome in this feature.

Grayson played Kell in game one, Brookwood played Walton in game two, North Gwinnett played Lassiter in game three, and Peachtree Ridge played McEachern to cap off the event.

Here are the prospects that shined out to me.

  • Robert Nkemdiche – 2013 DL – 6-4/258 – Grayson
    Dome Report: He is a big body with a lot of upside. He starts for the Rams as a sophomore and he makes an impact. He was getting into the backfield on a regular basis and once he improves his technique, he will become a top priority for schools in 2013.

  • Jordan Chambers – 2012 LB – 5-11/215 – Kell
    Dome Report: Chambers is a physical player in the middle of the defense. He did a nice job of stepping up into the A gap Saturday and stuffing Grayson's running attack. He is more of a downhill player than side to side, but a strong tackler and a guy that plays tough.

  • Brian Randolph – 2011 S – 5-11/195 – Kell – Tennessee Commitment
    Dome Report: Randolph is the leader for the Kell football team. He played both sides of the ball all four quarters and special teams as well. He is a very intelligent player and was around the ball a good bit at safety. His instincts really showed.

  • Andre Sims – 2011 CB – 5-9/175 – Brookwood – Michigan State Commitment
    Dome Report: Sims did damage on special teams, offense, and defense for the Broncos on Saturday. He is not the biggest out on the field, but he makes a lot of big plays. He is very quick, shifty, and athletic. He locked his receiver down all afternoon and brought the crowd to their feet multiple times when he had the ball in his hands. He will move up in the rankings on Scout.

  • Jamaal Cole – 2013 RB – 5-11/175 – Brookwood
    Dome Report: Cole is a guy that reminded me a little of former Brookwood star RB Cameron Smith. He is a lean back that is young, but he showed a good initial burst when he got the ball and he is more of a finesse back than a power back. I like his body control, running style, and potential.

  • Nick Tompkins – 2012 RB – 5-10/185 – Brookwood
    Dome Report: Tompkins was more of a power back for Brookwood and he showed very good lateral movement time and time again throughout the game. He runs low to the ground, he got a lot of yards after contact, and he is one that will play on the next level. His top end speed is not elite, so that could hold him back a bit.

  • Cameron Lynch – 2011 LB – 5-11/215 – Brookwood – Syracuse Commitment
    Dome Report: Lynch was Lynch in game one. He was all over the field on defense and he caught a touchdown pass out of the backfield on a wheel route. At linebacker, he found the ball quickly and was in on a lot of tackles. He missed some tackles too and his size and length hurt him a little. He still played hard every down, he was the leader of the defense, and a big key to their success on Saturday.

  • Jah-Mai Davidson – 2012 OL/DL – 6-4/252 – Brookwood
    Dome Report: Davidson is another underclassman to watch out of Brookwood. He played both lines in game one and performed well on each one as well. He was a little more consistent on the offensive line and size alone will draw him some attention this fall.

  • Zack Blaylock – 2012 S – 6-0/183 – Walton
    Dome Report: It has been twin brother Daron Blaylock that has received more publicity so far, but on the field Saturday, it was Zack making the most plays. He really flew around all afternoon and was in on many solo tackles when he closed on the running backs right when they got past the line of scrimmage. He is still a little light and he tackles high, but he showed good range and great closing speed.

  • Donnie Miles – 2013 RB – 5-11/178 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: Miles is a new name to many and he transferred up to North Gwinnett from Miami over the summer. He is only a sophomore, but a smooth one. He glides, makes good cuts, and has good balance out of the backfield. He still needs to get stronger, but he is one to keep an eye on.

  • Tim Hill – 2012 CB – 5-11/178 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: Hill is a cover corner who has a very aggressive style of play. He likes to jump routes, take chances, and make plays. He made a big one Saturday when he picked off a pass. He showed good hips and nice closing speed, but he can still work on his footwork and back pedal. Expect to hear his name more in Recruiting in the coming months.

  • C.J. Uzomah – 2011 ATH – 6-5/240 – North Gwinnett – Auburn Commitment
    Dome Report: Uzomah split time at quarterback and wide receiver against Lassiter. He did a little bit of everything and it just showed what type of athlete Auburn is getting. He snagged an overthrown ball about one yard outside the end zone with one hand and a defender in his face. It did not count, but was very impressive. It is just not known how good he can be when he is able to focus on being a wide receiver/tight end full time at AU. He caught the ball well, he threw a couple of beautiful passes, and he used his size to his advantage Saturday.

  • Brandon McGowan – 2011 LB – 6-3/220 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: McGowan does not get a lot of press because he is not a speed guy at linebacker. What he is though is a football player. This young man plays with heart and determination through four quarters and just like when I saw him a year ago, he made a lot of plays. He had a couple of sacks, a couple of tackles behind the line of scrimmage. He just stays around the ball, he plays with active hands, and he finds the ball quickly.

  • Ethan Kilgore – 2012 RB – 5-10/185 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: Kilgore moved back and forth from fullback and running back Saturday and he had success blocking, catching the ball out of the backfield, and running the ball from each spot. He made a very nice spin move after catching the ball in the flats for the first North Gwinnett touchdown and that started a big night for the junior. He may not be an SEC type prospect, but he should appear on a lot of recruiting boards to be evaluated over these next two seasons.

  • Garrett Clark – 2011 OL – 6-3/270 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: Clark worked at offensive tackle Saturday and although he will move inside and play guard on the next level, he had a very good performance on the edge in game one. He protected his quarterback and opened holes all game. He looked stronger than he did a year ago and he moved well also. He got after it until the whistle blew too.

  • Manrey Saint-Armour – 2011 C – 6-2/250 – North Gwinnett
    Dome Report: Not too many centers get praise, but Saint-Armour deserves some. He delivered perfect snap after snap to his QBs no matter if they were under center or in the shot-gun Saturday. He really led the offensive line, he got to the second level to block many times and he will be a signee for someone come February.

  • Eddie Printz – 2013 QB – 6-3/198 – Lassiter
    Dome Report: Printz started out hot, but as the night wore on, he was feeling more and more pressure and it was tough for him to find a real rhythm. He showed nice touch, a strong arm, and surprising ability to throw on the run outside the pocket. He did a nice job of feeling pressure early on, but it just got to be too much in the second half. The North Gwinnett DL beat the Lassiter OL and Printz had to pay the price. I've known about this young QB for some time, so I had expectations, and he surpassed them.

  • Juwan Dickey – 2013 WR – 6-1/190 – Lassiter
    Dome Report: Dickey will become a favorite target of Printz' in the years to come. He is a big target with good speed and only a sophomore. He needs to work on running his routes and reading the coverages better but that will come in time. He has a lot of potential and he made a few catches in game one.

  • Niles Clark – 2012 CB – 5-11/180 – Lassiter
    Dome Report: Clark had a tough task all night but he appeared to be up for the challenge. When Uzomah wasn't at QB, then Clark had him most of the time. If Uzomah was under center, then he would have a guy like Kitaro Lewis, another 6-foot-4 wideout. Clark really covered those guys well. He pressed them at the line of scrimmage and stayed with them down field nicely too. They made some catches, but all were in coverage. He's a junior to keep an eye on. Looked physical enough to play safety too.

  • Charlie Hegedus – 2012 WR – 6-2/185 – Lassiter
    Dome Report: Hegedus scored two touchdowns against North Gwinnett and the one that will stand out to everyone will be the first one. He took a bubble screen 80 plus yards for the score and outran numerous North Gwinnett defensive backs that had angles on him. Michael Bennett (2011 Georgia signee) comes to mind when I see Hegedus, but he is faster than Bennett. He is not as strong as the UGA freshman, but quicker and more of a threat down field. He will become a Division I prospect this season.

  • DiAndre Atwater – 2012 RB – 5-9/195 – Peachtree Ridge
    Dome Report: Atwater might have been my top running back of the day when all was said and done. I really like his running style, how he can get yards between the tackles or get to the edge. He is a very compact athlete with great leg strength and power. He is not being recruited at all yet, but that should change very soon. He has the genes (son of former NFL safety Steve Atwater), the attitude, and the talent to be highly recruited when all is said and done.

  • Angelo Watley – 2011 DE – 6-2/230 – Peachtree Ridge - USC Commitment
    Dome Report: Watley committed to South Carolina very quietly early this year. He had hardly any film out, he did not camp anywhere that had media coverage the last couple of years, and he was just somewhat unknown. He is unknown no more. He is a very quick defensive lineman off the ball and he shined at tight end too catching balls for multiple first down conversions in the game. He is a rangy 230 pounds with room to add good weight. His first step is very good and I like his upside. He will make a move in the rankings in the near future.

  • Jefferson Ashiru – 2011 LB – 6-2/215 – McEachern
    Dome Report: Ashiru really played well against Peachtree Ridge. He is a backer with good size and strength, but a little stiff. He played outside linebacker and did a good job keeping containment and he finished tackles well too. He tackles with good leverage and more times than not, the opponent falls backwards, not him. He looks like an ideal fit at MIKE linebacker in college.

  • Marquis Roberts – 2011 LB – 5-11/205 – McEachern
    Dome Report: Roberts is still on the smaller side and he does not possess great speed, but what he did Saturday night was, take good angles, fight off blocks well, and get in on a number of tackles. He still needs to add good weight and work on his speed, but he has the instincts, the toughness, and the ability to play linebacker on the next level. He could be used as a rover as well.

    Chad Simmons started out with Scout in 2003 covering top talent in Georgia and other areas in the South. He then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become Southeast Recruiting Manager.
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