2012 RB Ayoola High On Hokies

St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) is one of the top programs in the country and is constantly turning out big-time talent. One of those players is class of 2012 running back Dami Ayoola, who is getting interest from some of the biggest schools in the nation, including Virginia Tech. The 5-foot-10, 197-pound Ayoola spoke to VTInsider.com, and said something amazing about the Hokies.

St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) coach George Smith keeps his underclassmen shielded from what could be a recruiting onslaught by schools because of the talent level of one of the nation's top prep programs.

However, class of 2012 running back Dami Ayoola knows a few schools know about him, and he received questionnaires from a few others.

"I probably have a few offers, but I'm not sure about that yet," Ayoola said. "Our coach is real strict on that rule with giving us letters and stuff our junior year."

So, while Florida, South Florida, Wisconsin and Tulsa are a few of the schools to already check in on the 5-foot-10, 197-pound Ayoola, Virginia Tech is also on the list. And that sits find with Ayoola.

"I love Virginia Tech," he said. "I love how they've been one of the top schools running the ball in the past. They have tremendous running backs that come out of there, and I feel like Virginia Tech would be a wonderful fit. I love Virginia Tech."

Ayoola speaks highly of the Hokies, but he grew up with another team on his mind, and it isn't the one many of his friends grew accustomed to watching.

"Growing up everybody liked Miami, but I was a little outcast," Ayoola said. "I liked Georgia growing up. My dad had a lot of friends in Georgia, and my mom does, too. From time to time we'd go up there and go to some football games."

For now, though, Ayoola's focus is on the field, and avenging a loss to Manatee High (Bradenton) in the Class 5A state semifinals last year.

"It motivated us in a big way," Ayoola said. "It was motivation every day when we went into the weight room. We went into the weight room looking to finish – finish the season, finish the play. The word ‘Finish' was always in our mind, whether we went into the weight room or out to run."

St. Thomas Aquinas opens the season Sept. 6 at Skyline High (Dallas), and Ayoola expects to be a focal point of the running game.

"I feel like we have a lot of other backs that can contribute to what we want to get done," Ayoola said. "I'm definitely looking to start it and have a big year.

"To get my body in shape I went in the weight room every day. I didn't take days off. I was up there every day and pushing hard."

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