Scouting Report: Glenville vs Warren Central

The night cap of the Warren Central featured the home team against Cleveland Glenville. Both teams put a ton of talent on the field. Here are our notes on the game.

Final Score: Glenville - 28 / Warren Central - 21


  • QB / Cardale Jones / Sr. / 6-5, 225
    Jones was the star of the night. He passed for 237 yards, but it was the way in which he did it which impressed me. He was very calm in facing a very aggressive, pressure heavy front. He showed the ability to get away from the rush, keep his head up and find people on broken plays. Is he blazingly fast? Not necessarily, but he has a knack for eluding defenders and his size makes him tough to take down. When the game was on the line, I said to myself, ok, it's time for Cardale to cap off a night where he really changed my perception of him from 'prospect' to 'player.' Facing a 4th and 16, he calmly fired a perfect pass for the first down. He did the same thing later on a 3rd down. We always knew he had the arm strength, the size and the athleticism. Tonight, I saw gamesmanship, smart decision making, and cool under pressure. That, and he does absolutely have a rocket arm that can make all the throws. He has improved tremendously, and this game showed that.

  • WR / Shane Wynn / Sr. / 5-6, 145
    Great game from Wynn. Seeing him in person, he's actually smaller than I thought he was. That said, he's faster than I thought he was too. He made big play after big play, including a catch and run and kickoff return for touchdowns that showed his elusiveness. He runs great routes, has excellent hands, and obviously gets great YAC. The only thing is his size, but I think he'll be a dangerous slot and return man at the next level.

  • OG / Aundrey Walker / Sr. / 6-5, 340
    I was pleased to see Walker lining up at guard once the game started, as that's where we project him in college. He was effective there. He's obviously big and strong, and able to move people almost at will. Was he dominating? I wouldn't go that far, but a good, solid game out of Mr. Walker.

  • DT / Andre Sturdivant / Sr. / 6-3, 260
    Sturdivant, like Walker, has moved to his projected position, switching from middle linebacker to defensive tackle/defensive end. He made some big plays. He got off the ball and into the backfield a couple times, making tackles behind the line and two sacks. That said, I think he needs to be a little more consistent. He will flash and make some big plays, but he did not consistently hold up against the run. I do think that he was much better with his hand down than as a stand up linebacker. I think he's moving towards capitalizing on his potential with the position switch.

  • LB-TE / Frank Clark / Sr. / 6-3, 205
    Clark, who picked up a bunch of offers this summer as a tight end/wide receiver, lined up mostly at linebacker. This was his first game playing a lot of minutes at any position, and I thought it was a very successful debut. He made a lot of tackles and used his length and athleticism to make plays in space. He still has some things to learn, but I didn't see a lot of hesitation and false steps from him. I still think he could be a tight end in college, but he showed tonight that he could definitely a big time linebacker.

  • WR / Evonte Dunn / Sr. / 5-7, 165
    Dunn, who doesn't have any offers came up huge with a couple of great grabs over the middle. He may not be the biggest guy, but he finds ways to get open, and does a good job of giving his quarterback options whenever Jones broke the pocket.

  • CB / Malik Moore / Sr. / 6-0, 170
    Moore is a player who had a good summer in 7-7s, so we were anxious to see him in person in a real game. WC didn't really go his way too much, the one time they did, he had good coverage. He made a couple tackles in run support, but this was not the best chance for us to see him show his stuff.

  • DT / Antwan Crutcher / Sr. / 6-1, 280
    Crutcher, facing a good line, took his lumps. He was able to get penetration and make a couple nice tackles though. He's a stout, wide bodied kid, but he needs to get stronger.

  • WR / Johnny Robinson / Sr. / 5-10, 180
    Robinson had a nice game. He is sure handed and has good quickness.

  • WR / Nick Davis / Sr. / 5-10, 170
    Davis has excellent hands and is a smart player who knows how to run routes and get open. He may not quite have the explosion as some of their other receivers, but I think he can be a reliable player for someone at the next level.

  • RB / Robert Walton / Sr. / 5-10, 190
    Walton is a good back who runs hard and physical. I could see him earning a late D1/FBS offer.

  • RB / V'Angelo Bentley / Jr. / 5-10, 165
    Bentley is a quick footed junior who can really catch the ball out of the backfield. He made a great one handed grab on a pass, and showed some ability after the catch. He did not get a ton of carries in this game, and proving he has the durability to carry the load will be something he needs to show over the next couple years.

  • S / De'Van Bogard / Jr. / 6-0, 165
    Bogard is a kid I like. He's always around the ball and made a lot of tackles. He was not tested much in coverage, but I thought he showed a lot of instincts, football smarts, and solid tackling for a kid who is not that big. Filling out is a key for him.


  • DT / Kris Harley / Sr. / 6-2, 295
    Harley plays with a ton of heart and intensity. This kid has a motor. He's quick off the ball and comes hard. He had some really good battles with Walker. He really freed up a lot of the other linemen and the Warrior line really created a lot of problems for Glenville.

  • CB / Eric Robinson / Sr. / 6-0, 170
    Robinson is long and fast. He was not tested a ton, but broke up every pass that went his way. He had good coverage for most of the night, and I think he's going to be a good one for Louisville.

  • LB / Nick Temple / Sr. / 5-10, 195
    This is a player I really like. He flies around to the ball and shows the ability to play over the slot and cover and he's a great blitzer. He made one big impact play, a sack on Jones on the final drive where he showed his ability to close. Once he finds the ball, there is no hesitation, he's full speed to the football.

  • C / Michael Tolliver / Sr. / 6-1, 265
    The senior pivot man had a really nice game. He cleared some big holes in the run game, and did a good job against a couple of players who had more press clippings than him coming in.

  • OG / Jamoni Gentry / Sr. / 6-3, 356
    Big Jamoni is back on the field, and nearly took several Glenville linemen out of the game. This kid is powerful and nasty. He knocked the helmet off of one Glenville DT, and buried several others. He's pretty mobile for a kid that big, and I think this is definitely a D1 prospect.

  • RB / C.J. Williams / Sr. / 5-9, 185
    The new transfer had a nice first game. He runs hard, and has good lateral agility. He's a pretty powerful kid with solid speed. He made a key mistake as a return man, but he's a good player who should continue to generate college interest.

  • TE / Devin Scott / Sr. / 6-3, 235
    I liked what I saw from Scott as a blocker. He didn't get any passes thrown his way, but he was effective in the run game and showed a willingness for blocking.

  • WR / Shaquille Tensley / Sr. / 5-9, 165
    Tensley is a quick, speedy receiver. He only had one catch but he has suddenness which makes up for his lack of size.

  • RB / Anthony Davis / Sr. / 5-7, 185
    Davis is undersized, but a good interior runner.

  • OG / De'Andrae Howard / Sr. / 6-3, 285
    Powerful senior lineman who may get a late D1 offer.

  • DE / Josh Posley / Jr. / 6-1, 235
    Posley had an excellent game. He was all over the place and had a handful of sacks. He is disciplined and stayed with Jones when he broke the pocket. He comes hard, doesn't quit until the play is over and made a lot of plays. He does not have great size, but he's a really good player who has an offer and should earn a few more before it's all said and done.

  • MLB / Jordan Wallace / Jr. / 6-1, 215
    He's big and can run. He made a couple of nice plays. He'll have to keep working on his pass coverage, but he has a lot of potential. He can be a BCS level player.

  • RB / Deionte Buckley / Jr. / 5-9, 180
    The Warriors have a running back by committee, but Buckley turned in most of the big plays. He has a great burst and doesn't waste a lot of time getting north and south. Expect some FBS/D1 offers to come his way eventually.

  • DT / Sheldon Day / Jr. / 6-2, 255
    Day is like a lot of the other Warrior linemen: he plays hard and with great motor. To play tackle in college, he'll have to keep getting bigger and stronger, but he's also a D1 prospect.

  • OG / Deyshawn Bond / Jr. / 6-3, 265
    Bond is another D1 prospect on the Warrior line. He's a good athlete, one of the better athletes on their offensive line actually.

  • CB / Kaleb Humphrey / Jr. / 5-8, 170
    Undersized, but has the speed and quickness to stick with receivers.

  • FB / Dominique McFarland / Jr. / 6-1, 230
    Very powerful runner and lead blocker. Runs hard and with good pad level. Carried defender and drove for extra yardage with regularity and cleared some big holes as a blocker.

  • WR / Kevin Davis / Jr. / 5-11, 170
    Athletic receiver who did not have any passes go his way.

  • DE / Jonathan Burt / Jr. / 6-1, 235
    Got a lot of penetration and made a few tackles for loss. Like Posley, he's a little undersized, but is an excellent football player.

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