Scott-Emuakpor's Improvement Being Recogznied

East Lansing (Mich.) junior WR Efe Scott-Emuakpor did not have to go far for his first unofficial visit of the year, as he headed over to Michigan State, where the Spartans are quite familiar with what he has done so far this year.

Even though he had the shortest distance to travel of any recruit coming to the Western Michigan-Michigan State game, Efe Scott-Emuakpor still had some trouble navigating the gameday traffic.

"I made it up there, but I came a little late," the 6'5, 190-lb junior explained. "I came right when the players were running on the field because of traffic and all that stuff. I could barely even leave my house. I didn't get to do all the pre-game stuff."

Scott-Emuakpor is one of the better junior receiver prospects in the state, but in watching Saturday's game, it was more the ball carriers who caught his eye.

"I liked the running backs, Bell and Edwin Baker and Caper too who's hurt and I wish Blake Treadwell (East Lansing HS alum) would have played, but I guess he got hurt too. The receivers look pretty good. I like what Mark Dell was doing. They looked a little rusty. There were some drops, but overall they looked good."

MSU is a place he has become accustomed to with his dad a professor there and the school being so close to home. In talking with offensive coordinator Don Treadwell and head coach Mark Dantonio after the game, he realized the proximity has allowed the Spartans to get a good look at him.

Treadwell's son Spencer Treadwell, is the running back on Scott-Emuakpor's team, and Coach Treadwell has seen a lot of them as a result.

"[Coach Treadwell] has seen both of our games so far. He said he's liked what he's seen. He said from last year, I've gotten a lot better. I've picked up the intensity. He said the good thing is I'm a junior and have another year to get even better at those things. He said before I've kind of not gone hard when I'm not getting the ball or ball not going to me, or I might run the clear out route not as hard. This year so far, I haven't had any outstanding stats, but through all of that, I kept playing hard on offense and defense and my routes look a lot a better."

As for his interaction with the Spartan head man, Efe said, "Coach Dantonio pretty much said that it wouldn't be far to travel if I went to MSU and he started laughing and told me to keep doing what I'm doing."

While he will continue to visit MSU, there are other schools that want him to come out for visits as well.

"I was planning on going to Iowa this weekend, but I don't think I'm going to be able to go anymore. I'll be at the MSU-Notre Dame game in a couple of weeks I believe, and I'm thinking about a Cincinnati game and a Northwestern game. I have all these colleges that want me to come out to their games and it's kind of hard. I'd like to see a UCLA game, but it's all the way out there."

On September 1st, contact between juniors and colleges was opened up, and while Efe did not hear from any new schools, the previous ones recruiting him turned up the heat a little.

"Not really any new ones, but I've gotten a lot of interest lately from Wisconsin. They're not a new team that's recruitng me, but the way they've been recruiting me the past week is new, so I've seen that and Notre Dame's kind of picking it up. Georgia, I think I just got something from Georgia. Other than that, just been the same schools: Iowa, Michigan State, Michigan, Northwestern, UCLA."

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