Glennon Returns to Elite 11

North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon is in Southern California, serving as a counselor at the prestigious Elite 11 Quarterback Camp Finals and has impressed throughout the week...

In the summer of 2007, as Mike Glennon was preparing to enter his senior year at Chantilly (VA) Westfield, he was named to the prestigious Elite 11, an honor given to the best quarterbacks in each class.

Five years later, the North Carolina State quarterback has returned to the camp's finals as a counselor to the high school players and considers it just as much of an honor.

"It's awesome. I mean, you look back at my class alone; we had Andrew Luck and Blaine Gabbert, one being the first overall pick and the other going in the top ten. It's just really cool, the friendships you make and seeing the guys play on TV. I don't know exactly how many starting quarterbacks in the NFL were Elite 11 guys, but it's neat to be part of that," he said.

As the week progresses, Glennon continues to stand out for reasons beyond his height. If the 6'7" signal-callers performance on the field is any indication of the upcoming season, Wolfpack nation rejoice. Glennon has continued to showcase accuracy and consistency, even as he towers over the high school receivers.

"The coaches at this camp are great. Trent Dilfer is an NFL guy, as is Coach Ken O'Brien, and George Whitfield trains some of the best quarterbacks in the country. I just wanted to pick their minds and see what they thought I could work on. This week has already been a big help," he said.

There are a few aspects of his game that Glennon is focusing on.

"I'm working on my feet. I'm not the most athletic guy, so I have to keep working on my footwork, try to be quick in the pocket. I'm really just trying to tune up my skills as we get ready for camp," he said.

After redshirting his freshman year, Glennon saw action in ten games over the next two seasons combined while playing behind Russell Wilson, who was recently drafted by the Seattle Seahawks.

In his first season as starter, Glennon tied the school record for second-highest touchdowns in a season with 31 as he led the Wolfpack to an 8-5 finish and a 31-24 win over Louisville in the Belk Bowl.

This year, his final at North Carolina State, he's prepared to return stronger than ever.

"It's always tough adjusting as a first year starter, trying to get used to it. Now that I have that year under my belt, we expect great things at NCState. We feel like we can compete for the ACC Championship and really, that's our mindset," he said.

That mindset applies to the entire team, and Glennon says there are a few players who are also poised to have a strong season.

"I think David Amerson, our All-American corner, is going to have a great year. Also, we have four returning offensive lineman [Camden Wentz, Zach Allen, Duran Christophe, and R.J. Mattes] and our fifth guy will be a great player as well, so I expect that group to really be the core of our offense as we really step up both our run game and passing game," he said.

Though talk of the 2013 NFL Draft has already started to surround Glennon, he's keeping his focus on the upcoming season.

"I know how I play this year will take care of everything that comes after the season, so I'm just trying to focus on my senior year, win a championship, and enjoy it," he said.

Glennon, a graduate student, is also working to finish up school, as he'll be receiving his masters in liberal studies with a focus on sports management.

"Right now I'm taking an online class and in the fall, I should be finishing up my masters, so it's not too bad. I'll be taking nine hours and I've gotten the tough stuff out of the way," he said.

Though fall camp is only a few short weeks away, Glennon is focused on taking this week as an opportunity to learn while also sharing his football experience with the finalists, who have really impressed the college counselors.

"The guys out here don't seem like they are high school players, but more like young college players. E.J. Manuel and I were here together and it's just a totally different game for us now than it was then. These guys will see the transition once they get to college, but I feel like this kind of event sets them up with an advantage for when they get to school," he said.

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