Mountaineer Reps WVU at Big 12 Media Days

DALLAS, Tex. - Big 12 reporter Annabel Stephan caught up with Michael Garcia, the West Virginia Mountaineer, to talk football, media days, and much more...

Just three months in as the West Virginia Mountaineer, Michael Garcia made his way to Dallas to help represent the team at Big 12 Media Days.

"I've really had the chance to interact with people, the media. Even my team today; they are really cool guys," he said.

Sporting an impressive beard, Garcia was all smiles when discussing Mountaineer football.

"We have confidence. We know what we can do. Even if everyone else is looking at us in an underdog role, we like that. We like coming from a place where people don't expect us to do that and we come back and upset people," he said.

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