2014 Scout College Football Survey

Scout publishers, analysts and writers were surveyed on a number of questions for the 2014 college football season...

National Champion
Florida State 34%
Alabama       33%

Florida State 86%
Alabama       84%
Ohio State     52%
Oregon          49%

Game of the Year (Non-Conference)
Michigan State @ Oregon (Sep. 13) 29%
LSU vs. Wisconsin (Aug. 30, Reliant Stadium)       13%
Notre Dame @ Florida State (Oct. 18) 11%

Best Uniforms
Oregon         23%
Michigan         9%
Texas, Penn State      8%

Worst Uniforms
Maryland, Oregon     21%
Penn State     6%

Heisman Trophy Winner:
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota 30%
Ohio State QB Braxton Miller 16%
Florida State QB Jameis Winston 15%

Paper Tiger
Ohio State      10%
Auburn, Georgia 9%

Sleeper Team
Texas, UCLA     6%
Washington State, 5%
Mississippi State

Best Traditional Rivalry
(Regardless of Rankings)
Auburn vs. Alabama 30%
Michigan vs. Ohio State        15%
Texas vs. Oklahoma
Army vs. Navy       14%

Best Conference
SEC                                         76%
Pac 12                    14%

What conference would you like the team you cover to be in?
SEC                                         32%
Big XII                    19%
Pac 12                    17%
Big 10, ACC            16%

Best Active Game Day Coach
Saban, Alabama    39%
Snyder, Kansas State 10%

Best Recruiter (Head Coach)
Saban, Alabama    48%
Meyer, Ohio State 19%

Favorite Cheer Squad:
USC 34%
Oregon 22%

Which new head coach will have the best long-term success with their current program?
James Franklin, Penn State  23%
Charlie Strong, Texas
Chris Petersen, Washington 15%

Stadium I’ve never been to but would love to watch a game at…
Louisiana State 24%
Notre Dame 11%

Best Game Day Atmosphere
Louisiana State 20%
Ole Miss 13%

What school would you like to see your team play in a home series?
Notre Dame 9%
Alabama 8%

Sleeping Giant
N. Carolina, Texas, Penn State 6%

If your son was the #1 football recruit in America, where would you want him to play?
Stanford 29%
Alabama 13%

How do you feel about  the new Playoff system?
Prefer 8 team playoff 52%
Prefer 16 team playoff 27%
Perfect 11%
Prefer old BCS system 4%
Prefer old bowl system (No BCS) 3%

Should College Athletes Get Paid?:
Yes—added cost of living 46%
No 32%

In light of all the concussion studies related to playing football, would you want your child to play football?:
Yes 60%
No 35%
Up to child/unsure 5%

NCAA Grade
D: 40%
C: 28%
F: 24%
B: 8%
A: 0%

Do conferences that play only 8 conference games have an unfair advantage over conferences that play 9?
Yes: 51%    No: 49%

How should conferences be aligned?
Regionally  63%
Traditional 19%
As is 11%

Which bowl would you like your conference to have an automatic bid for?
Rose Bowl 56%
Sugar Bowl 18%

Should college athletes be allowed to unionize?
No 76%
Yes 24%

Who do you side with in Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit  against the NCAA?:
Ed O’Bannon 65%
NCAA 35%

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