Cavalcade Of Whimsy: The Playoff Aftermath

Cavalcade: The Playoff Aftermath. What did we learn? Play a real non-conference schedule.

Cavalcade of Whimsy

Dec. 8

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December 8th 
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Going into the offseason, I'll be doing a bunch of shorter, daily rants on the world. To find out when they go up, follow me at @PeteFiutak. Please. I'm needy in that way.

Sorry if this column sucks, it’s not my fault … Somehow, it the No. 3 column in the country last week at this time, it obliterated an inferior column on Saturday, and yet now it’s somehow the sixth-best column.

”How long will you keep him in the dark? He’s a pilot. Tell him the condition of his craft.” … It’s okay that TCU and Baylor got dumped for the hotter, prettier chick with the bigger boobs. But they really do need a better explanation.

Spin control SMU, Northwestern State, and Buffalo … GO … Going forward, Step One when hiring a PR firm to take up your unwinnable cause to get your team into the College Football Playoff, make sure no one knows about it. Every word that came out of Art Briles’ mouth sounded scripted – because it was – up until he said he didn’t pay attention to how the whole process worked.

I’m happy with our 2015 College Football Playoff field. Ohio State vs. Alabama, Oregon vs. Florida State – as a fan, how can you not be totally and complete geeked for this? But the entire process took a massive left turn at the very end, even if the committee basically did what it said it was going to do from the start.

No, if there was some Big 12 championship, the winner, in either way, still wasn’t going to pass up Ohio State because the rest of the Big 12 is merely average. Iowa State might have beaten Iowa and West Virginia might have beaten Maryland, but after about Kansas State the rest of the conference pretty much died down the stretch. So, the four that are in the playoff are fine, however, don’t be fooled – Ohio State winning 59-0 had a lot to do with this.

If you want to argue that Baylor doesn’t deserve to be in because of a non-conference schedule of Buffalo, FCSer and SMU, great. It’s absolutely a justifiable reason to leave the Bears out considering Alabama beat West Virginia, Florida State took on Notre Dame and Florida, and Oregon played Michigan State, but Ohio State’s decent non-conference win was against Navy. It’s still a whole bunch better than what Baylor did, but it’s not 30-7 over Minnesota like TCU came up with, and losing at West Virginia like Baylor did is far better than losing at home to Virginia Tech.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Baylor won the head-to-head matchup, but that didn’t need to be the be-all-end-all in terms of dropping TCU three spots after a 55-3 win. The committee can’t have it both ways. Technically, Baylor was still ahead in the standings as the season went on based on its win over TCU, so why the need for the flip-flop in the end? Was the Kansas State win that important?

The committee is supposed to use its brain and give some credence to the other factors involved, and it didn’t need to just go by the strictest letter of the tie-breaker law – that was the whole point of bringing in 12 dignitaries to do this – so the TCU win over Minnesota, and the one big non-conference victory, could’ve and should’ve trumped the last-team-with-ball type of schoolyard loss at Baylor. And as for TCU’s close call with Kansas, the team turned it on when it had to, while Ohio State pretty much had the exact same game against Indiana and struggled way too much with a lousy Penn State team, needing overtime to get by.

What this all means, going forward, is that we need to know the process. We need to know where these teams really stand. TCU needed to know going into its game with Iowa State that it had no chance to get in if Baylor beat Kansas State. Ohio State needed to know that style points really were going to count. Florida State shouldn’t have been teased with its No. 4 spot and then made to worry a bit after coming up with the one close call.

Of course, the response from Jeff Long would be that the committee has to watch the games and then judge accordingly, and not speculate, but that’s where in-season transparency matters. Either winning your Power 5 conference title is all that really matters to get into the discussion, and the Tuesday exercise is irrelevant, or there needs to be something the teams can go off of and learn from with the weekly snapshot.

Most importantly, no one will ever again attempt to be funny by saying the C should be taken out of BCS … Everyone is talking about the playoff four and the TCU/Baylor thing, but don’t overlook a key part to the new system – the other big bowls absolutely rock.

Think about it. In the BCS era, the national championship would’ve been Alabama vs. Florida State. Ohio State vs. Oregon would’ve made for a very good, and very grouchy Rose Bowl. Baylor would’ve played Boise State in the Fiesta, Mississippi State would’ve played TCU in the Sugar, and Memphis would’ve gotten the call in the Orange against, probably, Michigan State. Now, finish in the top ten and you’re in one of the New Year’s Six bowls, and there isn’t a dud on the lot with the two mega-matchups in the Rose and Sugar, Michigan State vs. Baylor in the Cotton, Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech in the Orange, Boise State vs. Arizona in the Fiesta, and Ole Miss vs. TCU in the Peach. If you don’t like what’s going on between December 31st and the end of New Year’s Day, I can’t help you.

Part One would’ve been better … but, like SMU, I’m not used to winning, and I didn’t know how to kneel down to close it out.

December 8th 
- Part 2 Time To Be Honest About Wisconsin
- Part 3 The Tony Levine Firing

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