Rose Bowl Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

Live from Pasadena, Fiu's thoughts and musings on Oregon vs. Florida State

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- It’s been a strange week in Los Angeles. It doesn’t quite feel like a typical Rose Bowl, and it doesn’t really feel like a playoff game. It feels like a big, big, big non-conference game, but the intensity should probably pick up as the game ramps up.

- Both teams were business-like – Florida State more so than Oregon – keeping this from feeling like a culmination or a reward, like most Rose Bowls are. This is a step. The Rose Bowl is a game and not like the final step in the journey. Both teams are thinking about Dallas as the goal rather than Pasadena.

- By far, and it’s not even close, Oregon fans are likely going to take over the stadium. FSU fans are 1) waiting for Dallas and/or 2) did this last year for the BCS championship.

- Yeah, it might not be a typical Rose Bowl, and it might not have the right feel, but it’s still the Rose Bowl. I’ve doing this for a bazillion years, and it’s still totally and completely cool to roll up on the stadium on New Year’s Day.

- But the people in New Orleans are having more fun.

- I’m expecting nothing less than a wild and crazy shootout. I don’t think either defense is going to have much of an answer for either offense, and I think both quarterbacks are going to go ballistic. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m hoping the two Heisman winners look the part.

- After being around the teams this week, I have no real read on what’s about to happen from an X and O standpoint – throw out everything you think we might know from the season. Florida State is happy to feel fresh again after a month off, but there’s a concern about the conditioning vs. the Oregon tempo. Oregon is ready to be more physical and act like the tough guy, but it’s going to do what it does offensively no matter what.

- I’m changing my final score now that I’m here. The conditions are perfect, it’s going to be a fast shootout, and the points and yards are going to be cranking up several notches. - Oregon 41, Florida State 38.

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