Tuesday Question: Was The SEC Overrated?

Tuesday Question: Was The SEC Overrated? Was the SEC really the best conference, or was it exposed?

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Was the SEC overrated this year?

No, but the finishing kick wasn’t exactly stellar.

Overrated is way too strong a way to put it, because you can’t overlook what actually happened during the regular season and the dominance at times, especially early on.

The rise up of the Big Ten – at least the big boys – in the bowl season was fantastic, the Pac-12 did an amazing job, and it really was a great thing for college football as a whole to see the SEC take it on the chin in the high-profile showdowns, but look past the losses in the big bowl games and dive in deeper.

Ohio State has just as much talent as Alabama, Wisconsin has the right make-up to rip through a bad Auburn defense, and TCU was apparently very, VERY motivated against Ole Miss.

Obviously, no team needed the time off to heal up more than Notre Dame – but LSU was still in the game until late – and Mississippi State just couldn’t figure out the well-oiled Georgia Tech offense.

No, there’s no excuse for the SEC to lose ALL the big games, and I’m certainly not an SEC apologist – despite what several fan bases might think - but it’s not just about those showdown. Those were the five losses – don’t gloss over the seven wins.

Of course Alabama, Mississippi State, LSU, Ole Miss (remember, the Rebels beat Boise State to start the season and beat Bama and MSU) and Auburn were good this year no matter what happened in the bowls, but the key to the SEC as a whole is that it’s not just about beating Ole Miss or LSU. It’s about beating Ole Miss, and then LSU, and then Arkansas, and then Texas A&M, and then Alabama, and so on. To paraphrase, Auburn RB Cameron Artis-Payne when asked about Melvin Gordon’s year in the Big Ten, most SEC teams would like to play Northwestern, Illinois and Purdue, too.

Florida won its bowl game without its head coach. Georgia won its bowl game. So did Arkansas. So did Tennessee, Texas A&M, South Carolina and Missouri. If anything, the bowl season showed off the depth of the SEC and was a nice time of redemption for the SEC East.

Now, does that mean it was a successful bowl season for the SEC? Nope, because the conference could’ve used a big win up top, but again, considering the anti-SEC sentiment out there – highlighted by the very professional, “SUCK IT, SEC!!!” coming from a member of the Rose Bowl media during Ezekiel Elliott’s game-sealing touchdown run against Alabama, along with deafening and raucous cheering – the misfires from the best league in college football were probably a really, really good thing.

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