Tuesday Question: Is Urban The Top Coach?

Tuesday Question: Is Urban The Top Coach? Is Urban Meyer the best head coach in all of football?

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Is Urban Meyer college football’s best coach?

How do you argue against it? If he’s not the No. 1 guy right now, he’s No. 1A, and while he might not have Nick Saban’s national title count quite yet, he appears destined to get there.

Swooning Michigan fans might argue this, and Florida fans might bristle, but if you could pick any one coaches at the immediate moment to take over your college football program, college or pro, how do you not select Meyer?

He’s only 50 and he already has 141 wins under his belt and a ridiculous .844 winning percentage. To put this into perspective, Barry Alvarez is easily the greatest coach in the history of Wisconsin football, and a College Football Hall of Famer, who just notched his 119th win after beating Auburn in the Outback Bowl.

And here’s the real killer. In 13 years as a head coach, his worst seasons were his first season as a head man at Bowling Green going 8-3, and his last at Florida going 8-5 – and even then he finished second in the SEC East. 17-6 at Bowling Green, 22-2 at Utah, 65-15 at Florida, and now 37-3 at Ohio State with eight double-digit win campaigns so far.

He might have botched the 2013 Big Ten championship game by forgetting to run Carlos Hyde enough, but there he’s dominant in most big games, going a tremendous 8-2 in bowls – losing in Lloyd Carr’s last game at Michigan in the 2008 Capital One, and losing the shootout to Clemson in last year’s Orange.

He’s pretty good.

But as amazing as he is, and as good as he is at what he does, let’s stop with the idea that he did some sort of savior job on his team this year. Cardale Jones might be a third-string quarterback, but he’s not a real third-string quarterback considering he might have the best arm in college football and, cold off the bench, he’s still one of the best passers in this year’s Big Ten. This is hardly a Little Engine That Could type of football program – it’s Ohio State, complete with all the NFL talent, all the facilities, and all the advantages. Remember, Jim Tressel was pretty good, too.

But give credit to Meyer for walking into one of the most pressure-packed jobs in all of sports and doing exactly what he was expected to do. He’s recruiting like he’s supposed to, he’s winning like he’s supposed to, and he’s making it look way, way, way too easy.

Jim Harbaugh, your turn.

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