Final Thoughts Before The Championship

Final Thoughts Before The Championship. Here we go. What's going to happen? What's going on? The last word.

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- In school, when you’re guessing on a test, you’re supposed to always go with your first answer and not mess around with it. Make your call, turn it in, and let the chips fall where they may.

- I’m wavering.

- Oregon seems like the right pick. The running game should pick up the slack for the receiver problem, and offensive coordinator Scott Frost is inventive enough adapt and adjust after the loss of Devon Allen in the Rose Bowl and Darren Carrington to suspension. There are still weapons, just not as many of them.

- Remember, the Alabama running game worked in the Sugar Bowl. Ohio State had its moments defensively, but the Tide O went away from the ground attack a bit too often, even when it was humming.

- The Oregon O line is more physical than it gets credit for.

- The loss of Carrington has taken on a life of its own, mainly because all the media here have nothing else to buzz about. Neither team is saying anything interesting, and there’s no story here other than the really big deal that it’s the inaugural College Football Playoff national championship.

- The event and the moment really are bigger than the game itself.

- All of a sudden, apparently, Carrington has become the next Randy Moss. He’s been red hot, ripping apart Arizona and Florida State for 14 catches for 391 yards and three touchdowns, but there’s Charles Nelson, there’s Dwayne Stanford, there are the running backs, there’s leading receiver Byron Marshall.

- And there’s No. 8. Marcus Mariota is good enough to make everyone around him just a little bit better.

- But the team seems tight.

- In Los Angeles, Oregon seemed to have more of an attitude. These are all generalities, but there doesn’t seem to be quite the chip on the shoulder that there was for the Florida State game.

- I’m reading into this way, WAY too much, and maybe I’m searching for something that’s not there, but overall, it’s almost as if Oregon is a bit wearier and Ohio State is energized. It’s like Ohio State expected this, and Oregon just wants to get things over with.

- Or, maybe the Ducks just want to play the game already and be done with talking to dopes like me.

- Again, just my take and this could be a reach, but Oregon sounds and acts like Florida State before the Rose Bowl, and Ohio State sounds and acts like Oregon did.

- And Urban Meyer is extremely convincing.

- If he doesn’t have it figured out, he sure seems like a guy who does.

- Urban was the head coach of the team that embarrassed and shut down Heisman-winner Troy Smith and the high-octane 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes cold. Urban was the head coach of the team that embarrassed and shut down Heisman-winner Sam Bradford and the 2008 Oklahoma Sooners cold.

- But those two Florida defenses had about a month to prepare. Ohio State had 11 days.

- It’s easy to get caught up in the media sessions, but these are 18-to-22-year-old kids talking. They just want to go back to their rooms and eat, sleep, or play videos.

- It’s easy to get caught up in the media reports, but these are 25-to-60-year-old fat guys talking/reporting. They just want to go back to their rooms and eat or sleep.

- Spoiled and whiny media guy complaint – media hospitality room, fire up the cookies. Just keep a steady stream of cookies and bars out, and the hotel will get rave reviews no matter what else happens. - Enough with the pudding and gelatinous-based dessert products.

- As the man said, you don’t win friends with salad, either.

- I don’t understand Dallas. Where is the stuff?

- I have no idea if I’m being charged for tolls on the George Bush Parkway.

- I’m now 2-for-7 on the not getting lost using the NeverLost GPS thing.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, the game.

- The game is going to be over, and it’s all going to seem so obvious. We’re all missing something.

- The media buzz and tide are turning towards the Buckeyes. I don’t know if it’s because of brand name, or because of Urban, or because we’re just not quite sure if the team with the high-powered hurry-up offense really can win the national title.

- Don’t dismiss the possibility that Florida State actually sort of sucked.

- Check that. Florida State didn’t suck. Don’t dismiss the possibility that Florida State actually wasn’t that good, but it just so happened to win a lot of close, interesting games.

- Check that. Florida State had the mindset to handle adversity in all forms this year, but couldn’t seem to deal with Oregon when it got hot. Ohio State was down 21-6 to Alabama. It’s not going to wilt if it gets down.

- I picked Oregon, but I wasn’t happy about it. It was a total guess. It was assuming that Oregon is too much of a machine and just too brutally efficient on both sides of the ball.

- I know better. Always pick against the team that relies on some sort of a hurry-up, or tempo, or anything against the offensive norm. Always.

- 2013 Auburn.

- 2010 Oregon.

- 2008 Oklahoma.

- Always pick the more complete team.

- Always pick the more accomplished head coach.

- Always pick the SEC team in a national title game, unless it’s going against the more complete team, like 2013 Florida State.

- Ohio State is the more complete team.

- Ohio State has the more accomplished head coach.

- Ohio State has SEC-level talent, an SEC legendary head coach, and beat the SEC’s best team.

- Ohio State is going the win the 2015 College Football Playoff national championship.

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