Diggs Digging The Senior Bowl

Texas cornerback Quandre Diggs is a Senior Bowl standout this week in Mobile, Ala. This cornerback prospect talks about what it means to be here, playing alongside Jordan Hicks, Charlie Strong, Mack Brown and more.

Quandre Diggs has been one of the secondary standouts at the Senior Bowl this week in Mobile, Ala. This Texas Longhorn is a physical cornerback that has had two solid days of practice. He’s just grateful for the chance to be here and show the NFL scouts what he can do in a setting like this.

”I think it’s a great opportunity to go out and compete,” Diggs said. “It’s nice to show your skills to all the personal guys. Honestly, I am embracing it and I just want to go for it. You always want to build up your game and that’s what I want to do here. I want to be physical and I want to compete.”

Diggs, 5-foot-10, 195-pounds, had a transition year, going from Mack Brown to Charlie Strong. It was a stark contrast but one in which he relished.

”They are hard to compare because they are two different people. One person is laid back and let things happen. The other has a hand’s on approach who did a lot of yelling and screaming. But I do believe that both coach Brown and coach Strong are two tremendous coaches who have backed it up with great reputations. I can’t complain at all.”

It was a rough season for Texas both on and off the field resulting in a 6-7 record. Still, Diggs knows that the Longhorns are in good hands with Strong and his coaching staff.

”I really enjoyed playing for those coaches,” Diggs said. “I loved them. We didn’t have the record that we wanted and that was bad. But I know they will turn around things and get that thing going. I know things are coming along and they are not there yet. It takes time. When coach Strong took over the program was not in a great state. It takes time to get it all worked out.”

Now it’s life after Texas for Diggs and his teammate Jordan Hicks. Hicks is also here at the Senior Bowl and Diggs is happy to play his last college game with his friend.

”We are good friends and it started when he hosted me on my official visit to see Texas when I was coming out as a senior,” Diggs said. “We have been real close ever since. Now we are here and it’s wonderful to have an opportunity for to play in this game with him. Jordan is a good player but an even better person.”

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