2015 NFL Combine: Offensive Guard Workouts

What matters and what the OGs need to prove at the 2015 NFL Combine

For those invited and participating in the 2015 NFL Combine, what matters? What did they need to do? How was the workout? What to take away from …

1. A.J. Cann, South Carolina 6-3, 313
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: There’s right tackle potential with a good drill or two showing off some lateral movement. He might be the best guard in the draft, but he could up his stock and his payday with a great workout to show off potential versatility.
Key To The Workout: It wasn’t anything great. He didn’t run and didn’t do the timed drills, but he moved a little bit and didn’t look all that special. The 26 reps didn’t make him seem like a blaster of a guard – he’ll have to impress on his pro day.

2. Tre Jackson, Florida State 6-4, 330
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does he look like he could potentially drop a little weight and be a bit more agile? At around 315 he could become the most dominant interior blocker in the draft, but he has to be able to move a bit better.
Key To The Workout: He didn’t bench, but he ran a little bit in the drills and came up with a clunky 5.52 in the 40. However, he despite the issues, he came up with a decent vertical of 25” and showed a little explosion.

3. Josue Matias, Florida State 6-5, 309
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Is there the potential to round out his game? He’s going to have everyone buzzing after what should be a great workout, and he’ll look the part, but he’s not really a tackle and he doesn’t kill his man as a possible NFL guard. He’s a professional offensive lineman, but it’s going to take a little bit of work to figure out exactly what he is.
Key To The Workout: It was a problem, He showed off a little bit of movement in the short drills, and he came in about 20 pounds light, but it didn’t help. He couldn’t jump at all – the 17.5” vertical was atrocious – and the 5.52 40 was way slow. He’s going to need a better pro day.

4. Robert Myers, Tennessee State 6-5, 326
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: While he looks like a tackle, he needs to be an NFL guard. All the tools are there and he’d be ranked higher by many if he was from Tennessee instead of Tennessee State, but he needs to destroy the bench press first. If he can do that, all of a sudden someone is going to think he could be the best interior blocker in the draft.
Key To The Workout: It was what he needed to do. He added about 15 pounds from his playing weight and still moved well, doing a great job in the short drills and coming up with a terrific vertical of 27.5”. He didn’t bench, and the 5.44 40 wasn’t anything great, but for his size it was a good day.

5. Laken Tomlinson, Duke 6-3, 323
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does he have the ability or the potential to get on the move? He’s purely a power blocker and he’s way too clunky when he has to try to kick out and do anything when he’s outside of a phone booth. Only a guard, he has to show he’s not just for a tough run-blocking scheme.
Key To The Workout: Considering he’s not supposed to be athletic, he moved relatively well. He didn’t fly through the cones, but he was okay, and his 31.5” vertical was terrific. He’s a power blocker who might not be all that smooth, but it was a good workout for what he needed to do.

6. John Miller, Louisville 6-2, 303
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does his lack of height matter? He’s not a great athlete, and he’s not the biggest blaster of a blocker, but he’s effective. He might not quite look the part, but he should blow up the bench press. That might have to be enough to overcome his lack of quickness.
Key To The Workout: Short and squatty, he dropped a little weight but it didn’t help him move all that well. The 29 reps on the bench were the key to his workout, and he ran though the drills. It’s going to be hard to sell him to the GMs based on his lack of athleticism and bulk, but he can play – he’s just not a workout warrior.

7. Jarvis Harrison, Texas A&M 6-4, 330
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does he have the want-to and the fire to destroy his man? Is he going to show up in great shape? If the coaches can harness all of his tools, all of a sudden there might be something special there. He should test off the charts, but he needs to show the GMs that he’s going to run through a wall.
Key To The Workout: Solid. Very quick for a 330-pound human, he zipped through the short drills – zipped might be a bit strong; he moved well – and he jumped almost 30” in the vertical. The 5.19 40 was terrific. He has the tools, and he showed them off.

8. Mark Glowinski, West Virginia 6-4, 307
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does he know how to play guard at a high level? More of a tackle by nature, he doesn’t really fit the mold of an NFL guard, but there are enough tools in place to be an interesting prospect. Now he has to wow everyone and make the scouts see the potential.
Key To The Workout: Questions about whether or not he could play guard and be a power blocker were helped by the 31 reps on the bench. Explosive in the leaps and quick through the cones, it was a fantastic workout numbers-wise. He looked like a tackle who’s about to be an NFL guard, but that was the workout. He still needs refining.

9. Arie Kouandjio, Alabama 6-5, 310
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Potentially a backup right tackle, and surely to be seen as just a guard, he needs to prove he can play one position and do it at a high level. While he’ll get long looks because he was a part of the Crimson Tide line, he has to look like an NFL blocker who can get on the move. He needs to be flexible and just a wee bit athletic.
Key To The Workout: He didn’t work out, but he came in lighter than expected, dropping a few pounds from his 315 playing weight.

10. Adam Shead, Oklahoma 6-4, 338
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Does he have any balance and quickness? Great when he’s able to blast away, and tough as nails, there’s a lot to like, but he’s been way too banged up and he’s way too slow. He has to show the scouts that he’s going to be durable and can move his feet.
Key To The Workout: He’s going to have to come across as more athletic on his pro day. The 26 reps on the bench weren’t good enough for a power blocker, but it wasn’t a problem, and the 5.74 40 could’ve been clocked with a sun dial. At some point, he’ll have to show he can move.

11. Jon Feliciano, Miami 6-4, 323
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Not quick, he’s not quite for everyone. Forget about him as a tackle – even though he played there at times for the Hurricanes - and he’s not going to be a franchise guard, he can play, but he can’t be lumbering. A painfully slow time in the short-range drills could become a killer for his draft prospects.
Key To The Workout: One of the buzz guys coming in, he helped himself by adding some bulk but still moving well with a good 5.33 40 and decent quickness through the short drills. He might not look the part overall, but considering he didn’t appear quick during games, he worked out surprisingly well.

12. Trenton Brown, Florida 6-8, 355
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: What is he? At his size he’s a bit too tall for the interior, and he’s not quick enough and doesn’t have the feet to be a tackle. Was never quite healthy last year and he needs to check in at some point around 340 – and carry the weight well – to get someone to take a late round flier.
Key To The Workout: Considering his massive size, his 5.29 40 was terrific. He didn’t jump all that well and he didn’t look like a jitterbug through the short drills, but it was a good workout for what he needed to show – it wasn’t painfully unathletic.

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