2015 NFL Combine: Center Workouts

What matters and what the centers need to prove at the 2015 NFL Combine

For those invited and participating in the 2015 NFL Combine, what matters? What did they need to do? How was the workout? What to take away from …

1. Hroniss Grasu, Oregon 6-3, 297
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: The bench is vital. All linemen obviously want to look strong, but coming from a finesse offense and not known as a blaster of a blocker, he has to show that he has the strength to become a force and not just a technician.
Key To The Workout: He didn’t meet with the media or workout. Obviously the pro day is all that matters to have any hope of being the No. 1 center taken.

2. Reese Dismukes, Auburn 6-3, 296
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Can he handle power? He’s great on the move and was perfect for the Auburn offense, but he needs to deal with the bulk defenders. If he’s going to be a zone-blocking center, he has to be extra-quick and athletic – he can’t bomb when it comes to the agility drills.
Key To The Workout: It was rough considering his lack of bulk. The 23 reps on the bench weren’t great, and he wasn’t athletic, but the biggest issue was his weight – he was the only lineman under 300 pounds. He’s more of a football player than an athlete, but the workout didn’t help.

3. Andy Gallik, Boston College 6-2, 306
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: If he can move at all, he might be the top center off the board. No one will question his toughness or power, but he has to be more than a phone booth blocker. He can’t look lumbering.
Key To The Workout: Solid. Checking in at a smaller-than-expected 6-2 wasn’t good, but he wasn’t bad in the short drills and the 29 reps on the bench were good enough. It was the workout he needed to have, and now he might be in the hunt for a second round selection.

4. B.J. Finney, Kansas State 6-4, 318
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: No one will expect him to look quick or time all that well, but he can’t be a disaster in terms of the raw times. The tape is great, the leadership is unquestioned – he’s a great football player – but he can’t run and move like he’s operating in sand.
Key To The Workout: He actually moved far better than expected considering he bulked up a bit and came in at a huge 318. Instead of being a bowling ball, he scooted a bit. No, he wasn’t smooth, but he was shockingly athletic. Outside of the 20 reps on the bench, it was a good business trip.

5. Max Garcia, Florida 6-4, 309
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Can he run at all? He’s a good, tough, powerful blocker who can work just about anywhere up front, but the guard is a more natural center. If he can be just a wee bit quick and athletic, then he becomes versatile enough to be a key part of the puzzle at three spots.
Key To The Workout: He didn’t workout, but he measured as expected.

6. Greg Mancz, Toledo 6-4, 301
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: A decent athlete who could move and play a few different spots, he’s a terrific center in the right scheme as long as he can somehow prove he’s 1) going to be healthy after a knee injury and 2) ready to bring the ability to blast someone off the ball. If he can rock the bench press, he’ll move up and be someone’s pet project mid-round pick.
Key To The Workout: He didn’t work out, but he was a little shorter than expected.

7. Shaquille Mason, Georgia Tech 6-2, 310 (Not Invited)
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: After a great week at the Senior Bowl, he’ll eventually have to show off his versatility since he doesn’t have the right size for an NFL guard. He can move, and if he can shine at center, he’ll be drafted.

8. David Andrews, Georgia 6-3, 294 (Not Invited)
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Sort of odd that he didn’t get the Combine call, he has to show that his lack of bulk and his lack of a true NFL position won’t matter – he’s a blocker at a high level who led an SEC line. It’ll take the right fit – and an athletic workout - to get drafted.

9. Brandon Vitabile, Northwestern 6-2, 304 (Not Invited)
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Too short and not really an NFL interior blocker, he’s a great leader, and he’s certainly smart and tough, but the lack of size should keep him away from every being a guard – he’s a center or bust, and he’ll have to show off one special trait in workouts.

10. Dillon Day, Mississippi State 6-4, 305 (Not Invited)
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: Can he play guard, or even right tackle? He’s a center with a nasty streak, but to get drafted he needs to be a versatile backup.

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