NFL Combine: Top 32 Prospects Post-Workout

NFL Combine: Top 32 Prospects Post-Workout. Who are the 32 top prospects now that the combine is over? How'd it go?

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1. DT Leonard Williams, USC 6-5, 302
Effortless. He looked like he rolled out of bed and worked out. It was easy and smooth, carrying the 300 pounds easily on his 6-5 frame and moving and cutting like a far smaller player. The vertical was just under 30”, and he didn’t explode through the leaps, but the sub-5.0 40 was great and he was terrific overall. He did nothing to ruin the notion that he might be the best prospect in the draft.

2. WR Amari Cooper, Alabama 6-1, 211
For the No. 1 WR, he sort of flew under the radar with the phenomenal workouts from some of the other top receiver prospects, but the 4.42 was more than good enough. It might not have been blazing, and it might not have been in the 4.3s, but no one will complain. If he was your No. 1 receiver coming into Indy, he still might be.

3. DT Danny Shelton, Washington 6-2, 339
It was great for what he needed to do. He looked massive and like the ideal guy to stick in the middle of a defensive line, and he showed off his power with 34 reps on the bench. The 5.64 40 was epically slow, but no one will care – the 339-pound guy came up with almost 31” in the vertical. He moved fine and did a great job of cementing himself as a sure-thing top ten pick.

4. CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State 6-0, 186
He just needed to be fast? How does 4.31 work for you? Throw in 19 reps on the bench, and now he’s the no question whatsoever No. 1 corner in the draft. A mid-to-late first rounder before, now he’s a probable top 15 pick, possibly a top ten. He has a whole other quickness level he can go to, even if his hips are a bit tight.

5. QB Jameis Winston, Florida State 6-4, 231
Apparently, he did what he needed to do in the interview process, and while he didn’t look athletic at all, that wasn’t an issue. The 4.97 40 was irrelevant, and he didn’t jump or move all that well, but no one cares. The big concern is a shoulder that showed some weakness, and in an interview Winston mentioned getting a shot, but he was lights out throwing the ball. Take away the off-field part of the equation and he looked like the best NFL quarterback at the combine by far.

6. DE/OLB Dante Fowler, Florida 6-3, 261
It was a bit inconsistent. It was a bit inconsistent. The 4.6 40 was phenomenal - especially out of the blocks - and the 19 reps on the bench were decent, but neither part of the workout was outstanding. Eye-opening, though, was the underwhelming vertical of 32 ½” and the broad jump of 9’4”. He looked more than fine in the drills, and he moved well and showed some power, but it was disappointing compared to some of the other top pass rushing prospects.

7. WR Kevin White, West Virginia 6-3, 215
Central casting. His hands could’ve been a little bigger – only 9 ¼” – but that’s about as nitpicky as it gets. Very big, very strong – 23 reps on the bench – and very, very fast with a blazing 4.35, he could now be the No. 1 wide receiver on the board. He’s the prototype.

8. DE/OLB Vic Beasley, Clemson 6-3, 246
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Not only did Beasley come in much, much heavier than expected, but he carried the weight phenomenally well to come up with the best all-around workout of anyone at the combine. The 35 reps on the bench set the tone – who’s going to call him underpowered now? - and then he blew everyone away with a 4.53 40 and an explosive 41” vertical with a 10’10” broad jump. He was already a first rounder, but now he might have made himself a top ten overall pick.

9. DE/OLB Shane Ray, Missouri 6-3, 245
The doctors kept him from running, but he was able to get 21 reps up on the bench and he at least hung around. The pro day has to show explosion and quick-twitch athleticism compared to the other top prospects. Skinny, he’s still a bit of a projection needing to add some good weight.

10. DE/OLB Randy Gregory, Nebraska 6-5, 235
He measured a little shorter and a little lighter than expected, adding to the belief that he’s a projection – can he carry 15 extra pounds and still move well? He exploded in the jumps with a 36 ½” vertical and 10’5” broad jump, and considering his long arms, the 24 reps were great. The 4.64 40 was good enough, and he moved really, really well. He did what was expected.

11. OT Ereck Flowers, Miami 6-6, 329
While it wasn’t a perfect workout, and it was a bit clunky at times, his 37 reps on the bench might have moved him up to No. 1 on several offensive tackle charts. He wasn’t fast, and he wasn’t all that quick, but he was just smooth enough and showed just good enough feet to consider him a true franchise left tackle.

12. WR DeVante Parker, Louisville 6-3, 209
He had the right body and the right size, and he ran really, really well with a terrific 4.45 for a player of his size. However, he wasn’t all that sharp in the gauntlet drills – seemingly doing them at half speed – and didn’t quite rip it, but that’s nitpicking. The fast 40 time is what he needed to do.

13. QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon 6-4, 222
What more do you need to see? He couldn’t have looked better considering the question marks. Want athleticism? The 4.52 40 looked effortless, the 36” vertical was outstanding, and if he was a wide receiver he would’ve had a fantastic workout for his size. But, of course, it was all about working as a pro-style quarterback, and he did just that in his footwork and skills. He doesn’t have the biggest arm, but he made all the throws without a problem.

14. SS Landon Collins, Alabama 6-0, 228
4.53. He’s a big hitter and known as the No. 1 safety in the daft, and all he needed to do was show off some speed and quickness. The tremendous 40 time did just that, and while he didn’t blaze through the cone and short drills, he was good enough. If you liked him as a mid-first rounder before, nothing about his workout changed that.

15. OT Andrus Peat, Stanford 6-7, 313
To absolutely no one’s surprise, he looked great. He didn’t stand out in any one area, but he had a great workout overall and was smooth as glass at times. Athletic and quick, it was the type of workout that reinforced anyone’s previously held belief that he might be special.

16. WR Jaelen Strong, Arizona State 6-2, 217
The only knock was that he wasn’t DeVante Parker or Kevin White. The 4.44 40 was more than good enough considering he’s a strong, physical receiver, and he was just fine in the receiving drills, but the 42” vertical really, really stood out. If Parker and White weren’t so special in Indy, everyone would be talking about Strong.

17. OT T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh 6-5, 309
The analysts are probably going to like his workout better than it actually was. He was great in the explosive jumping drills, and he looked lean and athletic – sort of like a big tight end – but he was a little smaller than expected and wasn’t nearly as quick or as fast time-wise as expected.

18. OLB/S Shaq Thompson, Washington 6-0, 228
Is he a safety? Not really. He was lightning quick through the 20-yard drill, but the 4.64 40 makes him a linebacker. There wasn’t anything about the workout that upped his stock, and he’s going to have to find a role somewhere on some defense – he’s a football player. Scouts will have to get past the numbers.

19. OT La'el Collins, LSU 6-4, 305
Absolutely terrific. He came into Indy as purely a right tackle, and he’s leaving as a possible franchise blocker on the left side. He was smooth for a player of his size, and he ran and cut well. He looked the part.

20. OLB/DE Bud Dupree, Kentucky 6-4, 269
He unfortunately had a pull and couldn’t run through the various drills, but what he was able to do stood out to another level ripping up a 4.56 in the 40 and with a jaw-dropping 42” vertical and 11’6” broad jump. Now he has to heal up and show off even more on his pro day – this was the start of something special.

21. CB Marcus Peters, Washington 6-0, 197
Was the workout good enough to overcome the off-the-field concerns? Sort of. He was fluid in the drills, and he jumped great with a 37 ½” vertical and broad jump of over ten feet. He’s a terrific football player, and he did enough in Indy to be a good prospect to potentially still be a first round option.

22. C/OT Cameron Erving, Florida State 6-5, 313
If you came into Indy liking him as a tackle, he did what he needed to do. If you came into Indy thinking he’d be a top center, he certainly showed that. Really, really quick, and with 30 reps on the bench, in terms of numbers and proving his versatility, it couldn’t have gone better.

23. ILB Eric Kendricks, UCLA 6-0, 232
Excellent. The 4.61 40 was great and he exploded through the leaps with a 38” vertical and a 10’4” broad jump. He moved and looked like a Day One NFL starter and came up with the exact workout needed to show that the tools really do match the tape.

24. OG Brandon Scherff, Iowa 6-5, 319
Uh oh. Is he a tackle? He ran relatively well with a 5.05 40 and he moved okay, but he looked far more like a guard than a tackle – his future is going to be in the interior. However, he came up with a stunningly awful bench with just 23 reps. That’s hardly a be-all-end-all, but it wasn’t a positive. His stock dropped.

25. RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin 6-1, 215
He did everything he needed to do. The warp speed isn’t there, but a 4.52 40 is more than fine – and it was a bit better than expected. He showed explosion in the jumps with a huge leap of 10’6” in the broad jump and with a 35” vertical. More than that, he was quick through the cones and caught the ball well. If you thought he was the No. 1 running back before, he did nothing to change that.

26. DE/OLB Eli Harold, Virginia 6-3, 247
Excellent. The 4.6 40 was more than good enough and he was phenomenal through the short drills and cones. His jumps were fine, and he was smooth as silk, but the biggest key was his cutting ability. He looked every bit the part athletically.

27. DE/OLB Danielle Hunter, LSU 6-5, 252
Outstanding. He needed to show off the speed and athleticism to open up eyes, and he ripped off a seemingly effortless 4.57 40 even though he checked in about ten pounds heavier than expected. He proved he could be versatile enough to play in any system, but at some point he’ll have to translate the athleticism to production.

28. RB Jay Ajayi, Boise State 6-0, 221
Terrific. The 4.57 40 was good enough considering he’s a big power back, and the 39” vertical and great broad jump showed off his explosion. While he wasn’t blazing quick, he moved well for his bulk and he shifted well. He did exactly what he needed to do.

29. TE/WR Devin Funchess, Michigan 6-4, 232
There was nothing about his workout to make him look like an NFL wide receiver. He’s a tweener tight end, proven by his 4.7 40, and while he ran well in the drills and he caught the ball without a problem, he’s just not fast enough to be a wideout. However, he was athletic with a terrific 38 ½” vertical. The 17 reps, though, were too light.

30. RB Todd Gurley, Georgia 6-1, 222
He made the curious decision not to go through the medical process. That doesn’t mean teams won’t be able to see what the situation with his knee is, but it’ll have to come later. It created a stir – probably not the best PR move since it seems like he has something to hide – but it’ll be ignored if things are on track in a few weeks. The 17 reps he did on the bench were fine.

31. TE Maxx Williams, Minnesota 6-4, 249
Smooth in the gauntlet drills, he looked the part. However, he was slow with a 4.78 40. Compared to the others, though, he stood out and remains the best pure tight end in the draft.

32. RB Tevin Coleman, Indiana 5-11, 206
And now come the concerns. He measured about two inches shorter than expected, and he was a bit smallish compared to his previously listed weight, but that wasn’t a big deal. Missing the running drills because of a funked up bone in his big toe, though, that needs addressing after playing through it during the season. It’ll get fixed and he’ll be fine, but he didn’t get a chance to show what he could do outside of a great 22 reps on the bench.

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