2015 Draft: The Second Mock Draft No 17 To 32

2015 Draft: The Second Mock Draft No 17 To 32. What every team needs and who'll be taken where, No. 17 to 32

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Second Mock Draft: No. 1 to 16

17. San Diego

Needs: Running Back, Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle
The Pick Will Be … OT T.J. Clemmings, Pitt

Don’t fall for the idea that the Chargers will jump all over a running back like Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon – they need to solidify the infrastructure. Clemmings or LSU’s La’el Collins would make for a better friend for Phil Rivers.

18. Kansas City

Needs: Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Cornerback
The Pick Will Be … WR Jaelen Strong, Arizona State

Enough is enough. The Chiefs have to come up with a wide receiver touchdown. They might be tempted to play around with the defensive line for reinforcements, and they might reach for a corner, but there might be a riot if they don’t grab a top target.

19. Cleveland from Buffalo

Needs: Quarterback, Defensive Tackle, Linebacker
The Pick Will Be … DE/OLB Alvin Dupree, Kentucky

Obviously a lot depends on what the Browns do with the 12th pick. They might take Dupree with their first pick and no one would blink. While they need wide receivers, and they could use a top linebacker, Dupree fits a few different roles.

20. Philadelphia

Needs: Safety, Linebacker, Cornerback
The Pick Will Be … S Landon Collins, Alabama

There’s no chance the Eagles could get this lucky. They need the best defensive back on the board, and Collins is the best safety in the draft. Name any corner other than Trae Waynes, and he might be the pick here.

21. Cincinnati

Needs: Safety, Defensive End, Cornerback,
The Pick Will Be … S/LB Shaq Thompson, Washington

No one’s quite sure what to do with him, but he’s a phenomenal playmaker who could work as a linebacker or a safety. Cincinnati needs a little bit of both, and Thompson would move to where the Bengals need him most.

22. Pittsburgh

Needs: Cornerback, Safety, Running Back
The Pick Will Be … CB Marcus Peters, Washington

Will the Steelers care about the character concerns? There’s no room in this franchise for anyone to be out of line, and Peters should be fine. The secondary will welcome him in with open arms.

23. Detroit

Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Safety
The Pick Will Be … DT Malcom Brown, Texas

This one’s easy. The Lions have to secure their defensive interior no matter what happens with Ndamukong Sun and Nick Fairley. They could also go with any of the good corners sure to still be on the board.

24. Arizona

Needs: Quarterback, Linebacker, Defensive End
The Pick Will Be … LB Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi State

The Cardinals need an inside presence at linebacker, and while Denzel Perryman might be great against the run, he’s not going to be much in pass coverage. McKinney isn’t ideal on third downs, but his length and size make him intriguing for a D that needs him.

25. Carolina

Needs: Cornerback, Offensive Tackle, Running Back
The Pick Will Be … CB P.J Williams, Florida State

The best offensive tackle on the board could be the bigger need, but corner is also an area of concern. The Panthers should have their pick of several good defensive back options.

26. Baltimore

Needs: Cornerback, Safety, Defensive End
The Pick Will Be … DE/OLB Eli Harold, Virginia

Baltimore’s defense became Baltimore’s defense by always coming up with key defensive players to add to the mix. Harold might not come close to dropping this far, but if he does, it would be an easy pick to develop and throw into the rotation. If not, corners Jalen Collins, P.J. Williams or Kevin Johnson would be discussed.

27. Dallas

Needs: Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Quarterback
The Pick Will Be … OG Brandon Scherff, Iowa

There are always two or three guys who drop over the draft process, and Scherff appears to be one of them. Originally seen as a top tackle, he’s not a guard – guards don’t go in the top ten. Dallas doesn’t need more help on the already fantastic offensive line, but this would be a phenomenal value pick to make a strength even stronger.

28. Denver

Needs: Linebacker, Defensive Tackle, Center
The Pick Will Be … DT Eddie Goldman, Florida State

The Broncos need versatile talent on the defensive front, and Goldman is the right option to go at the right time. It’s possible to look at a Cameron Erving – a versatile option for the O line – but Goldman fills a bigger hole.

29. Indianapolis

Needs: Defensive End, Offensive Tackle, Running Back
The Pick Will Be … RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

The teams are going to shy away from the top running backs in the first round, but at this point, Gordon becomes the type of missing piece who put the already terrific team over the top. There are going to be plenty of inside linebackers and ends still on the board later on.

30. Green Bay

Needs: Defensive Tackle, Linebacker, Tight End
The Pick Will Be … DT Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Packers really need linebacker help, but they also need more bulk on the defensive interior and need more options. Phillips is a bit of a risk, but he could be another B.J. Raji in terms of production.

31. Seattle

Needs: Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Tackle
The Pick Will Be … WR Breshad Perriman, UCF

It has to be done. Seattle won one Super Bowl and came within a handoff to Marshawn Lynch of winning another without a top-shelf wide receiver. There’s no reason to keep playing with mediocre targets – imagine what Russell Wilson would do with a star to throw to.

32. New England

Needs: Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle, Running Back
The Pick Will Be … TE Maxx Williams, Minnesota

New England doesn’t know how to use tight ends, do they? Williams isn’t the next Gronk, but he’s a superior pass catcher who could be devastating as the No. 2 tight end in the passing game, and would be a great other option if and when the No. 1 guy goes down again.

Second Mock Draft: No. 1 to 16

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