NFL Combine: 2nd Round Prospects Post-Workout

2015 NFL Combine: 2nd Round Prospects Post-Workout. Who are the second round top prospects now that the combine is over? How'd it go?

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33. OLB/DE Trey Flowers, Arkansas 6-2, 266
The glacier-slow 4.93 40 was offset by a strong rest of the workout. Far quicker than fast, he zipped through the short drills and the shuttle keeping it low and with decent balance. The 36 ½” vertical highlighted a strong all-around workout, even though he’s a bit shorter and thicker than the ideal.

34. DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa, UCLA 6-3, 267
Outstanding, he was a workout warrior showing off the pure athleticism that’s opening up eyes. Really, really quick, he was fluid and speedy through the short drills and the cones, and he tore off a 4.62 40. Jumping out of the stadium, his 39” vertical only added to the explosion. If there was any question about whether or not he had the moves to be an NFL pass rusher, he showed them off.

35. DE Mario Edwards, Florida State 6-3, 279
Far lighter than expected, he seemed to shed some bad weight to show off his versatility. He’s still a pure 3-4 defensive end who’ll work in the interior, but he’s going to be used more like a tackle with his 32 reps on his bench showing off his strength. The running drills were a bit lumbering, but the 4.84 40 wasn’t too bad for his size.

36. OLB Hau'oli Kikaha, Washington 6-2, 253
He didn’t do all the drills and wasn’t timed. Still intriguing, the pro day will be among the most watched and scrutinized.

37. DE/DT Arik Armstead, Oregon 6-7, 292
What He Needed To Prove In Indy: He has to appear to be more than a prospect who seems like he should be a top-five overall pick. Is he worth the risk? How NFL-ready is he to become a force as a 3-4 end? He was a better part of a puzzle than he was as an individual talent, now he has to be the reason a defense is great.
Key To The Workout: It wasn’t quite the blowout performance expected. He’s really big and really athletic on the field, so he wasn’t supposed to run like a corner, but he wasn’t quick at all. The 34” vertical was good enough, and the 5.1 40 wasn’t miserable, but it wasn’t special.

38. ILB Denzel Perryman, Miami 5-11, 236
Sluggish and slow. He showed no real quickness, and while his straight-line speed was fine with a 4.78 in the 40, he was clunky in the short drills and when he had to try to look like he could cover someone. He might not be a three-down defender, but his 27 reps on the bench showed what he is – a nasty-tough interior force.

39. OT Daryl Williams, Oklahoma 6-6, 329
It was good enough. He wasn’t all that explosive in the leaping drills, and he wasn’t fast, but he moved well enough for his size to soften any previously held beliefs that he couldn’t move. His pro day needs to be better, but it was a good Friday.

40. ILB Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi State 6-4, 246
The numbers were better than he looked. He’s still a bit rangy, and he’s still way high and not great at sinking his hips, but he came up with a humongous 40 ½” vertical along with a good 4.66 in the 40. However, when he had to get through the short drills, he struggled.

41. OLB Kwon Alexander, LSU 6-1, 227
Size, size, size. He measured in slightly smaller than expected, but he made up for it with a blazing 4.55 40 – he needed that. Very fast, very smooth, and very explosive, he did what he needed to do. The 36” vertical might be enough to overcome the 6-1 height.

42. DT Malcom Brown, Texas 6-2, 319
It was good enough. He ran a solid 5.05 in the 40, came up with a good 26 reps on the bench, and overall moved well and did everything he needed to do to keep his stock around the late first round and early second. If you want him as an interior pass rusher, he looked the part.

43. OLB Jake Ryan, Michigan 6-3, 240
Really, really nice. This was the pre-ACL Jake Ryan who cut and moved and planted and zipped without any laboring whatsoever. The 4.65 40 was strong, but he truly excelled in the short drills and cones. He looked the part to go along with the good tape. Was he quick enough again? Absolutely.

44. OLB Max Valles, Virginia 6-5, 251
Absolutely terrific – to a point. He came in about ten pounds heavier and he carried it well moving easily and effortlessly. He was smooth and cut on a dime, shifting through the drills without any problem, except he just wasn’t fast enough. The 36 ½” vertical was outstanding, and he blew up the broad jump, but the 4.83 40 hurts.

45. DT Carl Davis, Iowa 6-5, 320
He checked in a bit bigger than originally expected and looked more like a big block you’d stick in the middle of a line than a pass rusher. He was athletic enough, and he exploded to a 33” vertical, but now it’s onto the tape. He has the tools, though.

46. DT Eddie Goldman, Florida State 6-4, 336
He interviewed, but he didn’t work out. He checked in heavier than expected and will need to prove at his pro day that he can move at his new weight – or he needs to drop the pounds fast.

47. CB P.J. Williams, Florida State 6-0, 194
The 40 was disappointing, but the 4.57 isn’t totally devastating. The 40” vertical and the 11’ broad jump made up for the lack of raw wheels. The 12 reps on the bench were okay, but he’s supposed to be a physical corner. A slightly better pro day 40 – get to around 4.5 even – and he’s still a first round talent.

48. RB Duke Johnson, Miami 5-9, 207
Good enough. The explosion was just okay in the leaping drills, and the 4.54 40 was par for the course, but he really showed off through the cones where his feet were quick his balance was excellent and he was smooth for the type of back he’s supposed to be.

49. DT Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma 6-5, 329
Considering concerns about his quickness, he looked great. He ran well for a player of his bulk, and while the basic numbers were fantastic, they were solid. The 5.17 40 was impressive for a 329-pound prospect, and he was good enough through the short drills to show he can be more than just a block in the interior.

50. CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Oregon 5-9, 192
He didn’t work out because of his injured knee. He was slightly smaller than expected.

51. ILB Ramik Wilson, Georgia 6-2, 237
It was nice. The 40 was slow checking in with a 4.77, but he cranked up the leaps with a 35” vertical and good broad jump. More than that, he looked the part when he had to cut and move, working well and getting around without much of a problem. Effortless is a bit too strong a word, but he worked out like he didn’t have any problems.

52. RB T.J. Yeldon, Alabama 6-1, 226
It’s an overstatement to call the workout disappointing, but he just didn’t show any real spark. He wasn’t quick, and wasn’t really fast – running a 4.61 – and he wasn’t all that smooth. The 22 reps on the bench were good, the 36” vertical was great, and he wasn’t awful, but he just doesn’t seem like the same back he was a few years ago.

53. CB Jalen Collins, LSU 6-1, 203
Terrific. He was supposed to come into the combine with all of the tools and he showed it off. The 4.48 wasn’t superior, but it was okay for a corner of his size. He moved well and jumped great, coming up with the workout needed to still be considered a possible first round pick.

54. OT Jake Fisher, Oregon 6-6, 306
It seemed like it took him forever to get his 40 started, but the results were great once he got going with a 5.01. His game is about quickness and athleticism, and he was really, really quick and really, really athletic. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, and more.

55. CB D'Joun Smith, Florida Atlantic 5-10, 187
Fantastic – it was the exact workout he needed to have. The jumps of 36” in the vertical and the 10’4” vertical were great, and the 18 reps on the bench were shocking considering his wiry frame. The 4.45 did far more, now making him a certain second round must-have to go along with his great tape.

56. FS Derron Smith, Fresno State 5-10, 200
Key To The Workout: He didn’t work out, and he measured a little shorter than expected.

57. DE Za'Darius Smith, Kentucky 6-4, 274
A bit shorter than expected, he was a bit bigger and wasn’t a speed and athletic guy, but his 4.83 40 was terrific and the 23 reps on the bench were solid. He didn’t explode in the jumps, and he was tight in the short drills, but for what he is, he was fine.

58. CB Senquez Golson, Ole Miss 5-9, 176
Here’s the problem. He’s a fantastic football player, and he’s a peerless ball hawk, but he needed to show off something to make up for his lack of height and bulk, and the 33 ½” vertical didn’t quite do it. However, the 4.46 40 was great and the speed and quickness were there in the drills. Someone will be ecstatic to get him in the second round.

60. WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami 5-10, 185
No, he didn’t beat Chris Johnson’s 4.24 40 time, but the 4.33 is fast enough and impressive enough to make him seen as a speed receiver. The 13 reps on the bench should help him overcome some of the concerns about his physical ability and toughness.

61. CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest 6-0, 188
The 4.52 might have been disappointing, but jumped out of the stadium with a 41 ½” vertical and coming close to 11 feet on the broad jump. Really, really smooth, he looked the part and he proved that he’s ready to battle among the second-tier of corners to be a second round selection.

62. ILB Hayes Pullard, USC 6-0, 240<
Smooth as silk. He effortlessly cut and ran like a defensive back, getting around the drills effortlessly. The 4.7 40 was a bit slow, but he flew around the short drills and he looked like an NFL athlete. There was little wasted motion as he zipped around – he could work as an outside linebacker if needed.

63. DT Michael Bennett, Ohio State 6-2, 293
He checked in a bit bigger than expected, and he was great with the media and supposedly in the interview process. A groin problem kept him from working out or running.

64. ILB Stephone Anthony, Clemson 6-3, 243
Excellent. He needed to be quick, and he needed to be fast, and he was both. He ripped through the short drills with a fantastic 4.03 in the 20-yard shuttle, and his 4.56 was outstanding. Basically, he checked off every box and concern – the 37” vertical and 23 reps helped, too.

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