NFL Combine: 3rd Round Prospects Post-Workout

NFL Combine: 3rd Round Prospects Post-Workout. Who are the third round top prospects now that the combine is over? How'd it go?

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65. CB Alex Carter, Stanford 6-0, 196
A little bit stiff, he moved okay, but not great. While he’s definitely a corner, he could make a lot of money and have a long career as a safety. The 17 reps on the bench helped his versatility, and his 40” vertical was special. He’ll go much lower compared to the top corners, but someone will love his potential at a variety of spots.

66. ILB Paul Dawson, TCU 6-0, 235
Disastrous. Considering the concerns over his personality and character, he needed to blow away the combine but instead slothed through a 4.93 40 and was way too slow through the short drills. He’s a far better football player than a workout warrior, but he lost money in Indy.

67. DT Xavier Cooper, Washington State 6-3, 293
Under-the-radar fantastic. For all the question marks about his strength and power, the 29 reps on the bench helped, and he moved really, really well. The 4.86 40 was outstanding and he moved like an outside linebacker more than a defensive tackle. He was expected to be athletic, though, but he also showed that he doesn’t quite have the right body type.

68. OLB Lorenzo Mauldin, Louisville 6-4, 259
He looked an awful lot like an inside linebacker for a possible outside linebacker. The short drills were way, way too slow and he lumbered whenever he had to change direction. He might be a football player, and everyone is rooting for him, but he doesn’t have a true position if he can’t fit inside.

69. CB Ronald Darby, Florida State 5-11, 193
Yup. He was supposed to light it up and look the part, and he did just that with a whopping 41 ½” vertical and blazing away with a 4.38 40. There are still big questions about his ability and hitting skills, and still has to somehow prove he wants to hit, but as a pure coverman, he has the wheels and abilities.

70. OT D.J. Humphries, Florida 6-5, 307
Fantastic. He added about ten pounds and was still really, really athletic. The 26 reps on the bench did what he needed to do, and he moved great in the short drills, He might have upped his stock in a huge way – he’s going to force the scouts to look back at the tape.

71. FS Kurtis Drummond, Michigan State 6-1, 208
Surprisingly good. The 39 ½” vertical was amongst the best of the safeties, and his 4.65 40 was excellent considering his size. He went through all the drills, and while he was slowish among the safeties who went through the cones, he still was good enough. He showed enough athleticism to match the tape.

72. RB Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska 5-9, 205
Interesting. He’s a strange prospect considering his tools. He’s too small, but he ripped off 24 reps on the bench. He’s too slow with a 4.6 40, but he killed it in the short drills and jumped out of the stadium with a 42 ½” vertical and 10’10” broad jump. The poor 40 stands out, but everything else showed enough to blow off his other shortcomings.

73. RB Karlos Williams, Florida State 6-1, 230
Good. He still needs some polish, and he wasn’t a natural through the shorter drills and as a pass catcher, but the 4.48 for a 6-1, 230-pound back was excellent. He needs to sink his hips more and he needs to cut a bit sharper, but his speed overcame some other concerns. It was what he needed to do.

74. DE Preston Smith, Mississippi State 6-5, 271
It was outstanding for a 271-pounder. The 4.74 was shockingly blazing for his bulk, and he was unbelievable in the jumps with a 34” vertical and a 10’1” broad jump. While he’s not smooth, he moved quickly through the short drills and the cones. It was the type of special workout that could push him up a round.

75. SS Anthony Harris, Virginia 6-1, 183
Interestingly, he was taller than expected and dropped some weight, and it showed with a decent 4.56 40. He didn’t go through the rest of the timed drills, but at some point he’ll have to show that he can move a bit.

76. RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State 6-0, 208
It’ll be interesting to see how the scouts evaluate him over the next few months. He didn’t get any pre-Indy hype, and he has always flown under the Big Ten radar, but he looked outstanding starting with a blazing 4.42 and his smooth-as-silk runs through the short drills. Forget that the short times were just okay – he was silky with great feet and fluidly effortless cutting ability. Don’t go by the numbers – he was outstanding.

77. SS Jaquiski Tartt, Samford 6-1, 221
Yup. He needed to rock the 40, and his 4.53 was the run he needed to have considering his size and bulk. The 10’4” broad jump was among the best of the safeties, and now he positioned himself as a high-riser who can possible fill a variety of roles.

78. FS Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss 6-2, 208
He scored points by doing absolutely everything, doing a terrific job in the broad jump and going really, really quick through the shuttles. The 4.6 40 was good enough, seemingly helped by dropping a little weight – he came to Indy in terrific shape, and it showed. The 11 reps on the bench were a bit light, but that won’t matter too much.

79. RB Javorius Allen, USC 6-0, 221
Solid. He’s flying a bit under the radar compared to the top backs, but he’s looking more and more like a possible mid-round steal with good size, enough speed with a 4.53 40, and good quickness and balance through the cones. The 11 reps on the bench are a slight concern considering he doesn’t provide the thump, but it was a good workout.

80. DE Markus Golden, Missouri 6-2, 260
It matters that he’s 6-2 instead of 6-3 – he looked short and without any real length. The bigger problem was that he wasn’t able to workout enough to overcome the concerns about his lack of size, and the 4.9 40 was just okay considering he was supposed to be a speed guy. The pro day pressure is now on.

81. TE Jesse James, Penn State 6-7, 263
Pegged as a big, strong tight end, he showed he was a big, strong tight end with 26 reps on the bench. He didn’t move all that well with a slow 4.83 40, but he exploded in the jumps cranking up a 37.5” vertical. He helped himself in a huge way.

82. QB Brett Hundley, UCLA 6-3, 226
He did nothing to take away from the idea that he’s the No. 3 quarterback, but he also did nothing to throwing the ball to light it up to move into the first round. He spun it well and looked natural, and he was really, really athletic with a 4.63 40 while jumping out of the stadium, but that was expected. He didn’t falter – he kept the process going until his pro day.

83. WR Nelson Agholor, USC 6-0, 198
Everything was great until he dislocated his finger in one of the passing drills. Everything else was great considering he needed to hover around a 4.5 and he tore off a 4.44. He looked like he belonged as an NFL receiver, up until he got hurt.

84. DE Lynden Trail, Norfolk State 6-7, 269
It was okay. The former wide receiver was okay, but he wasn’t as fluid as hoped for. However, running a 4.91 40 was great for a player of his size, and the 24 reps on the bench were good. It was a good enough overall workout to make him a potential 4-3 end, but he’s not quite the outside linebacker that some might think he’ll be.

85. WR Tyler Lockett, Kansas State 5-10, 182
Outstanding. He’s not a big receiver, and everyone knows that, but he was every bit as quick and every bit as athletic as hoped for. Even more than that, he caught everything and proved that he’s simply a great pass catcher. The 4.35 40 didn’t hurt, either.

86. OT Ty Sambrailo, Colorado State 6-6, 311
A scouting favorite this offseason, and even seen by some as a possible first rounder, he was quick with a 7.54 three-cone drill. But he was slow in the 40 with a 5.36 and he didn’t help the knock that he’s not strong enough with just 23 reps on the bench.

87. WR Rashad Greene, Florida State 5-11, 182
It was good enough. He’s a tape prospect with the on-field production what’s going to translate more than a workout, and he needed to come in around a 4.5 and he hit a 4.47. It’s what he needed to do to keep him around the second round range.

88. DT Gabe Wright, Auburn 6-3, 300
Excellent. Quick enough through the short drills and fast enough in the 40 with a 5.07, he did his job to keep on moving despite packing on around 15 pounds of bulk. The 34 reps on the bench were the key, showing off the raw strength to potentially overcome the lack of size.

89. WR Devin Smith, Ohio State 6-0, 196
There was some hope that he’d come in and absolutely rip up the 40, so the 4.42 was a little disappointing – it’s all relative, though. He fought the ball in the gauntlet drills and didn’t look natural, but he’s not a full route-tree receiver – he’s a deep threat, and looked like it.

90. WR Sammie Coates, Auburn 6-1, 212
Excellent. He was a little bit shorter than expected, but he added some bulk and was still 4.43 fast. The 23 reps on the bench were tremendous for a receiver who’ll be known for fighting his way on deep balls, and he caught the ball well. The 41” vertical was a nice bonus. Great workout.

91. OG A.J. Cann, South Carolina 6-3, 313
It wasn’t anything great. He didn’t run and didn’t do the timed drills, but he moved a little bit and didn’t look all that special. The 26 reps weren’t awful, but they didn’t help make him look like a blaster of a guard – he’ll have to impress on his pro day.

92. ILB Jordan Hicks, Texas 6-1, 234
Yeah, he looks great, but can he last? The 38” vertical was fantastic, and he blasted away on the short drills like they weren’t even there. He threw up 20 reps on the bench, and the 4.68 40 was good enough. Again, great … can he stay healthy?

93. WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri/Oklahoma 6-6, 237
It wasn’t quite the blow-it-up workout many were expecting, but it was certainly okay. The 33.5” vertical was mediocre, and the broad jump and short drills were just okay. The 4.49 was a disappointment considering he was supposed to be a bit freakier. Now he needs more at bats – he needs to catch more footballs.

94. ILB Damien Wilson, Minnesota 6-2, 240
Good. It was a strong all-around workout checking off the boxes in every area to look like a viable option to man the inside of an NFL defense. The 37” vertical was the eye-opener, and the 4.77 40 was good, but more than that, he looked the part in the rush of drills. He always seemed to look a wee bit quicker and more fluid than the others.

95. OLB Kyle Emanuel, North Dakota State 6-3, 255
Any more questions about what he needs to do to look like he belonged? He killed the workout with a good enough 4.77 to go along with 27 reps on the bench and a great 34” vertical. He’s athletic enough and he’s quick enough. He might not have the length and he might need to be surrounded by bulk, but he came up with the workout he needed to have.

96. WR Breshad Perriman, UCF 6-2, 212
One of the rising prospects through the process, he was a bit smaller than expected and he didn’t work out thanks to a hamstring problem. With the way the receivers rocked in Indy, now he has to destroy his pro day.

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