Dabo Swinney Goes Undercover

In Dabo Swinney's latest antic, he posed as a construction worker on Clemson's edition of "Undercover Boss"

When Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney isn’t dancing in the locker room or coaching his squad to their next big win, he’s going undercover to see what’s to come at Clemson’s new football operations facility currently under construction.

That’s right, Swinney posed as Fred from Albuquerque, an “undercover boss”, on Clemson’s parody of the hit reality TV series. Swinney donned a fake mustache and a hard hat in hopes to fit in with the rest of the employees hard at work on the facility.

None of the employees were fooled. Swinney didn’t bother hiding his accent or in-depth knowledge about features the facility would boast once completed.

The center will feature a leadership and career center, a replica of 'The Hill' and 'Howard's Rock', and an indoor slide and golf simulator, as well as top notch training facilities. 

Swinney has always been an eccentric personality, from the way he ‘dabs’ and dances in viral videos with his team, to way he delivers his pregame speeches. And this video is just further proof.


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