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Mike Leach thinks officials should attend postgame press conferences

Coaches are required to attend postgame press conferences, and Mike Leach believes that officials should be held to the same standard.

Washington State head coach Mike Leach made headlines yesterday when he told OregonLive's John Canzano that officials should be required to participate in postgame press conferences.

"As soon as the game's concluded, the referee should be the first guy in the press conference" said Leach. "And he should take any questions that the media wants to ask about officiating."

Leach has never been shy about bringing attention to officials’ mistakes. In 2007, the then-Texas Tech coach was fined $10,000 by the Big 12 for his postgame comments about officiating. If he’s going to be forced to talk to the press after games, he feels referees should be held to the same standard.

The NBA recently addressed the issue of referee accountability by creating the Last Two Minute Report. The report critically analyzes each officiating decision that occurs within the last two minutes of games that are within five points. Its purpose is to hold officials accountable and let both teams and fans know when mistakes have been made. It has existed for a little over a year now, and has received mixed reviews from the public. Some people appreciate the league’s transparency, while others believe that acknowledging incorrect calls is unproductive since the calls cannot be changed after they have been made. Leach's proposal would have similar advantages and disadvantages.

It has yet to be determined whether the NCAA would be willing to adopt Leach’s suggestion or something similar to the NBA’s policy, but holding officials accountable is an interesting topic that is worth considering at the very least.

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